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Feb '15

falling rain

Nov '12

granted grunt

it was there i swore
now this diamond ring doesn’t shine for me anymore
a glare turned to stare
omg, my ring finger is bare
it was always there
i should have exercised care

re-traced steps, it must be somewhere
tell the giver, i wouldn’t dare
praying for a miracle rare
a lesson fare

you don’t know what you’re missing till it’s gone
might be too late to dawn
easy to take things for granted, regrets spawn
it’s only material stuff to pawn

quit pining
start appreciating
quit self-frying
start drying

to lose is to find
things you’ve being blind
things that wrongly bind
encounters of the third kind

if it comes back
then not meant to lack
meanwhile silver lining spoke
“yea, i must have lost weight” croak

appear, appear my dear
pierre cardin is trop cher
why i hate to own
things that cost when lost to groan







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Nov '12


today on the family feud game
a participant had “hadiya” for her name
she explained it means a “gift”
i connected “hadiah” in malay, from arabic lift

then came across a quotation floss
from wayne dyer, an inspire toss

“with everything that has happened to you,
you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat
what has happened as a gift.”

yea i can sift
my spirit to rift or uplift
to be sore or to soar
to whimper or bravely roar
to temper or peace pour

each life is a gift to give and live
a lifetime to treasure sieve and believe

thanksgiving around the corner
from a grateful jack horner



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Nov '12

for now

finally onboard
with our hoard
let’s build more cupboards
sorry old hubbards

wiki commons
what for?
to keep what score
to fill our bore
to burden our core?

can’t decide
put aside
may need it later
spreadsheet sentiment incubator
we can be attic curator

for now
for later declutter wow
for renewal of life vow

for now
before we exit with a bow

we have plenty to luau
for now


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Nov '12

fall colors



in order to enter new old
our hearts to hold
be gently bold
to zap mold

sweep the dust
a renewal blast

provence of our lives at last
in God we trust

we fled
we bled
now new wooden floors to tread
stuff to enjoy and dread

autumn mood flavor

orange skies to savor
eat persimmons of our labor
do ourselves the favor
amazing grace to neighbor






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Feb '10

ramrom raps

it is done, it is out
so, what is ramrom raps about?

3725255cc_front_cover-360x540 is an anthology of introspective poetic
musings that capture the essence of the author’s life journey in “thirds.”
The author believes everyone is a life poet at heart wanting out.
She shares how she uses poetry-writing as a crystallizing process
to unveil authenticity and to invoke others to self-examine their
raison d’être
and to harness joie de vivre.

RAMROM RAPS inspires you to:

self-evaluate your life journey to glean wisdom for better steering ahead
tap the power of aligning your authentic self to life choices made
prioritize choices for a meaningful life as different stages in and out fade

PURCHASE online on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble

Also Available on lulu.com
via this LINK if you like your very own copy or to give to someone to enjoy!

Feb '10

paws-perity pause

it’s rare
lunar tiger and valentine same day share
followed by president’s day and alberta family day holidays spare
falling into ramrom reflective snare


a pause
for prosperity applause
just because
countering human tendency to nurse only loss

for it’s plain in human plane
to complain in pain
rather than thanksgiving to celebrate gain

how prosperous
to be able to enjoy friendship pure
through thick and thin together endure

how treacherous
to live out living moments without buckling to pressure
anchored in infallible Rock, a life to treasure

how preposterous
to have health and working for meaningful cause
even without, to rejoice silver linings instead of gathering moss

how marvellous
each uniquely formed and anointed with different gifts
equipped to handle peaks, valleys and rifts

how humorous
just one night
with no curb of rain in sight
we reined in entertainment plight
to montalvo arts center we took flight
to endure 37 shakespeare plays condensed
endorphin released, seratonin dispensed

how amorous
to have noel coward’s insight
to expose lovers’ plight
as “private livesfight in flight and fright


how prosperous
to have a way out
what upcoming ash wednesday and easter is all about
from jeremiah 29:11 spout “for I know the plans I have for u…
plans to prosper u and not to harm u, to give u
a future and a hope”,
to grope as we slide slippery slope
what prosperous cue

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Jan '10


so much in a swirl
haiti crumbles in a twirl
terrorist in detroit, fear to hurl
is God copyrighted, temple tempers curl

what a delight
what balanced insight
from mustafa akyol
islamo-tribalism in “allah”-in-bible boil
in jan 12 turkey daily news, his opinion rendered oil

young-minds-poinsoned source: unknown circulated over internet

protester slogan spotted at kl mosques: “Allah,” they said, “is only for us.”
ramrom counters  “if God is for us, who can be against us? a romans 8:31 verse

what’s it all about alfie
is it just for the moment we live
what’s it all about
when you sort it out, alfie
are we meant to take more than we give
or are we meant to be kind?

alfie_originalsource: wiki

and if, if only fools are kind, alfie
then i guess it is wise to be cruel
and if life belongs only to the strong, alfie
what will you lend on an old golden rule?

as sure as i believe there’s a heaven above
alfie, i know there’s something much more
something even non-believers can believe in

i believe in love, alfie
without true love we just exist, alfie
until you find the love you’ve missed
you’re nothing, alfie

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Jan '10

if everyman

a time to reflect
resolutions to eject
choices to elect
expectations to reject

397px-everyman_first_page source: wiki
if everyman

if i am in a land knowing nobody, i can be somebody
intoxicated with toddy and become bawdy lordy

if i had the means bursting at the seams, i’d do wonders it seems
but all that glitters and gleams gets blown to smithereens

if i had that cushy job, i wouldn’t have to mop and sob
hmm, i’d likely end up a slob, a snob or a glob

if i had more, i’d soar and won’t be sore
if i had that talent, i won’t be such a bore, my ego would roar

if i could erase my pain and shame, i’d gain in life game
if i had everything i wish, any excuse is lame, no cause to blame
instead temptations to tame, irk to flame and maim

if only i do away the crutches, i’d rid of my grudges
if i can get away with my fudges, can i live better with them smudges?

for romans 3:23 say all have fallen short of glory
but we can choose a better life story
or choose doomed gory
no matter how sorry
narrow is the way to divine storey
so choose right lorry
to transport back to Glory

ahh…but don’t be bitter
don’t quit..finish the job, God can’t use a quitter
philippians 1:6 promises life sweeter
cos’ our Creator
“..who began a good work in you,
will bring it to completion..” till He’s due

so boldly usher in the new year, keep the ball moving
fulfill your divine purpose, keep on trucking

meanwhile, if only i could be understood
i would not need to brood
the intensity of my humble intent and star
can only reach so far

a miff with if
only brings grief
transform conditional tiff
to unconditional in a jiff
that’s my resolution beef…

fiddler_poster_image312195333 ” if i were a rich man,
ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
all day long i’d biddy biddy bum.

Lord who made the lion and the lamb,
You decreed i should be what i am.
would it spoil some vast eternal plan?
if i were a wealthy man.”

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Dec '09

phos hilaron

let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start
when u read the Word, u begin with genesis
with the Gospel, His coming was darkness nemesis

180px-adventkranz_andrea source: wiki advent

pbcc bernard lighted second advent
with ancient hail gladdening light chant
shining the Light in john 1:1-5 rant
the reason for the season God-sent

reminding us our beginning Might that was God, Word and Light
today’s service with downunder relatives was joyous delight
after dimsum, we drove to micro center site
the guys caved in on last day sale apple bite


a gladdening chorus indeed
blessed Christ-mass creed

we hymn the Father, we hymn the Son
we hymn the Spirit, wholly Divine
no one more worthy of songs to be sung
to the Giver of Life, all glory is Thine

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Dec '09


img_72091 may28-008r-churchplaceholder shot in st jean de luz, france

last sunday we cruised
to another adventus
time to reflect
how we survived 2009 intact

it was breathless for me
the gift of time did flee with glee
raced to connect with past, pause for cause
i pray it earned heavenly applause

2009 was launched with mother etherized to snowy dew
economy gone to dogs, a retrospection cue
a rush to wisely use time gift
to touch lives and life to lift

culminating in “ramrom raps” book
my nib ripped and shook
after trip to europe, africa and asia – just one look, that’s all it took
thank God for His advent, we can be thankful for His mercy to be off the hook

a blessed season to all
all creatures small and tall
no matter how humanly high, short of glory we fall

’tis the season to realize our folly
rejoice in Him and be forever jolly

it’s been said that God’s presence
is more important than presents

christmas is essence
to review “is life futile” in His absence?

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Nov '09

niew woman

whoa man
what’s a woman?

a daughter
awaiting for manslaughter?

a wife
to birth life?
a mother to family strife?

a sister
to mister
to minister?

a worker to toil
to till hard soil
to rake in the spoil
to slave to a festering boil?

an article to use
or abuse?

some have the choice
to voice
many get lost in the noise
many suppressed by power-hungry boys
many treated as toys

at end of day it’s a humane issue
how we treat each other regardless of gender to take issue

words are cheap
actions speak deep
golden rule to keep

by according dignity to another
we become a dignified human order

educate the mind and heart
a smart positive start

niew moves ahead
seeking to empower and to educate
for it’s been said:


a hope prism
our mind and heart to unprison

nam‘s the vision
niew’s the mission

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Sep '09

tetris revelled

hey heheh hay
did u know there’s a national dictionary day?
whimsical ramrom to get underway
carpe diem tellitslant clay to splay

yesterday was splendid display
of going with the flow, come what may
jkap intent to bike on this side of the bay
turned out a different play
rummage through the closet to see what treasures lay
revive mac performa 578 in box left to decay

it booted, it’s alive
into mac’s drive let’s dive
darn it, where’s the mouse
a search to arouse
give up but let’s not grouse
head on to “weird stuff” old parts to browse
eureka, for one dollar we got the mouse
wait, get haircut before we head back to house

it works
jk smirks
old mac game fun lurks
for young turks

the afternoon was lost
sim city dried and died without water cost
and biking became lost cause
while taipan gets busy, mousakka and lamb dinner to boss
and moi, her “yellow face” to gloss
david hwang intertwines real with surreal with applause


“[you] take words like ‘asian’  and ‘american.’
like ‘race’ and ‘nation,’
mess them up so bad
no one has any idea what they even mean anymore.’

today revelled playing tetris on the mac  mac-performa-r
had a revelation attack
whoa, life’s alot like tetris game
the trick is to focus on the flame
to keep alive and max score
to fit the pieces life throws at you galore
take the time in easy levels to plug holes and correct flaw
go slow to keep low
cos later, u will reap what u sow
as bricks fall at faster clip, you’ll need to go with flow
don’t let the faster music your game blow
stay cool as snow

yea, eventually we die, game over
but till then, stay sober
daniel had logged highest score 10093
after some practice, i ranked # three

simple rules for life bliss
revelling with elation
a tetris revelation

life throws at us controllable and uncontrollable pieces
ah – the secret of not going into pieces
until one ceases
need to figure how to run the race
to obtain prize, run at the “right” pace
and reserve a place
for life thereafter in outer space

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Sep '09

life oblique

remembering 911 and too hot out
incited me to turn on spout
drape and drizzle ramrom drips
float on rambling trips
revive fizzled nibs
pen nibbles and nips


ruminating last night’s preview of “tell it slant
portrayed poet emily dickinson blunt
raw wounds open, poetically uncut
dejected emotions ejected from her heart
such vulnerabilty exposed with flair
“you cannot solder an abyss with air”

drizzle dickinson with melodious music clues
joan mcmillen’s licks dress emily’s blues
giving guilt a lilt on how she ticks with a kick
sharmon hilfinger’s brilliant script sync’d oblique

ramrom’s entry leans
lopsided logic gleans
the paradox of the doctor to our ills
spirit resides inside us that heals or kills
spills or seals
freezes or deals

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Aug '09

retro rip ribbit

what a weak-knee week
halted walks and swims, instead past connections to seek
fences with neighbors to fix
past bridges richard and kerry rebuilt over java fix, a 2 starbucks mix

it seems i am going retro
riding on current life metro
directing energies at activities that got me here
powering the cistern in reverse gear

a backward forward momentum, putting back in the jar
alma maters of sorts benefit from my gusto rah-rah
from education institutions, corporations to places and people touched
volunteer mentoring, alum rep, board member, ex-schoolchums cheerleader and such

with poetry lording new circular rings
fresh synthesized introspection it brings
my hands actioned by head and heart bathed in baca springs
to garner new feathers for worn-out wings

on tuesday pondered on evolving hpaa board mission and roles
on wednesday, sifted pearls of wisdom from panel of 4 ceo’s
at thursday’s synergos event, we treaded gingerly on global ethics issue
come tgif – let’s have a fno bbq –  way overdue

frogs on saturday, knee healed for tracking woodside hills
to experience  aristophanes’ comedy thrills
with god dionysus to hades a-wandering
dead poet euripides vs aeschylus to retrieve back to athens after a bard-bantering
judging and weighing their words and tease
the “art poetic like a pound of cheese”

there we go again, retro back to the starter fuel of this blog
ramrom is indeed cheesy fog to unclog

finish off the week
no longer weak-knee bleak

with lydia, judy and ml to wrap up the day
dining at “wrap this” food play
head for mission city coffee for “strings of comedy”
fred pinsocket starts off release of rippling rhapsody

in retro socket

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Aug '09

seeing double

just realized there’s been no entry
in ramrom’s august pantry

time to go to bardmart
fill the cart
with words smart
throw a dart
be profound to confound
play sound to propound

august was a month of walk
around country club with christine to stalk and talk
a month of birthday parties to chalk

neighbor joy turns 80
bey turk and cs both beyond 50
GGG moonyit around the globe on fatt-fatt nifty

reunions abound
annual intercon gathering this time around
27-year catchup chirpings with melody found
a month of new and old unravellings astound

yesterday i saw double
removing stones in the yard did i huddle
my muscles did grumble
to linda’s hot tub bubble did i tumble
floating on margaritas, seeing 2 sistahs did i crumble
then off to cupertino park did i rumble
to watch shakespeare infamous fumble
comedy of double trouble

amidst backdrop of flying geese and sunset glow
antipholus and dromio twins intertwine blow after blow
while lydia and i on endorphins gloated and floated
with picnic meal of rillettes, pluot, okra and noodles digested

august a montage
of cozenage
28 “years have i but gone in travail”
now strumming life’s lyre

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Jul '09

chewbacca 84

goodness 11 months unbridled marches on
july is almost gone

wednesday is crescendo peak of my week
starts with pbcc international group crowd to seek

followed either by shoreline walk and lunch
or rinconada water punch
then sit down emails and volunteer matters to crunch
before i know it, taipan’s culinary dinner delights to feast and munch

hubble-6 http://hubblesite.org/  permission granted

but today -something special- the stars had in store
with grace selecting for sharing, verses 5-7 in psalm 84
let ramrom unfold and tell u more

5 blessed are those whose strength is in You,
who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.

6 as they pass through the valley of baca,
they make it a place of springs;
the autumn rains also cover it with pools.

7 they go from strength to strength,
till each appears before God in Zion.

there was discuss and sharing around verbs of “set” ,  “decided” ,  aka choosing
choosing to bless, choosing to heal, choosing to get out of pity party of own choosing for losing
recalling 2006 asilomar retreat lessons of moving from peacekeeper to peacemaker
choosing to let go, surrender to higher power to resolve, reconcile, and takeover

baca is hebrew for weeping, tears
ironically, baca is dry from clogged fears and lacking cheers
till we choose to make it a place of springs of divine drools
along with heavenly showers converting arid baca to valley of refreshing pools
to float and wade through tribulations from strengh to strength
till earthly journey ends and afterlife track starts before God in Zion at eternal length

priceless sharings poured out from our spouts
i priced the sharing, so symbolically swam today 84 routes
lots to chew on
timely light shone
133310__chewbacca_l source

God didn’t mean for chewbacca to travel solo forlorn…

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Jul '09

abel to wouk the talk

herman_wouk source: wiki

cyber-surfing led me to a pulitzer-prize winning herman wouk
his “write a page a day..it will add up” quote
my mind awoke with that spoke
crossing 200 entries mark, ramrom  record just broke

a wellspring sprung by pbcc bernard’s abel epiphany
set me reconnecting reconfigured pieces of reflections litany

250px-ghent_altarpiece_a_-_cain_-_abel_-_murder ghent altarpiece detail –  source: wiki

abel’s life was cut short, slain by cain
with enoch, it was God to retrieve and gain
however with noah, others died, whether avenged, revenged, or in vain

a stark “everyone dies but not everyone lives”,  what sane bane
bernard resurrecting the purpose of our mortal life pain
those who keep the faith, whether martyrs or with sin stain

i was entertaining my spirit on the piano with old  hymns of past
eureka blast of journey paths was cast

fueled by a youth group in action with bay area interfaith org
bingo, i spot how a win-win of ymai with senior center can be forged
in addition to a “90-day deadline to publish” blind courage lodged

fueled by taipan’s “como agua  para chocolate” lunch outpouring
home-baked beans, belgian beer, blutwurst and hollandaise sauce over eggs on toast zing


ramrom singing
we have a love, a love you don’t find everyday
followed by david cook’s “this is the time of my life” as i compose this, 96.5 fm radio waves play
thank Heavens, lurking dragons to slay

crooning along with mariah carey
who knows what miracle
u can achieve
when u believe

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Jul '09

by george, we got it!

ramrom is musing
with these lyrics singing

it only takes a spark to get the fire going
and soon all those around
can warm up in its glowing

took swee from rome
a trip to hometown roam
a connects b
b connects c
c connects d
and e-f-g, o gee

soon  n2334270930_5099 class74 network gets busy
then came a tsunami of emails across the seas

cyberspace is wide expanse
but arghh, there lurks better sense
to unite and park lost&found memories in one place
and ride the tsunami together with mellowing feisty grace

so our rendition of georgygirl  mv5bmtyxnte1ndc3of5bml5banbnxkftztcwotkwmdazmq_v1_sx96_sy140_ got birthed
filled with great hope and mirth
to harness the special talents we once were and now wear
our dreams to share
our unique souls to comingle and bare
what collective purpose shall we seek and care to bear?
we have no time to sit and stare
let’s rock the world while we have plenty to spare

hey there, georgy girl
there’s another georgy deep inside
bring out all the love u hide
and oh, what a change there’d be
the world would see
a new georgy girl!

with a purpose larger than us to make the world better, i dare
by george, we got it,
the rain does fall mainly in the plain
a nice dilemma, i do declare…

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Jul '09

27 raisons in the sun

still crazy after all these years…
27th milestone cheers!

there must be 27 ways not to leave your lover
27 reasons to hang on to the 4-leaf clover

1.    for we’re destined God’s gift and blessing to each other
2.    for together, we can travel further

3.    for great eats to snare and share
4.    for lows along with highs to bear

5.    for fresh-brewed expresso 27 years straight
6.    for home-cooked meals our tummies to satiate

7.    for as complementary opposites, we opened up more options
8.    for mustering only the “best” decisions

9.    for cautious caring – yea, don’t mess with his date
10.  for 24×7 consistency and loyalty, but don’t u be late

11.   cos’ we can’t get there alone
12.   cos’ you’re shrewd to the bone

13.   cos’ we can count on u to raise jk right
14.   cos’ we can agree to disagree in a fair fight

15.   cos’ we harmonize more than we terrorize
16.   cos’ you’re the responsible surprise and prize

17.   cos’ without your touch, the garden won’t bloom
18.   cos’ the grass gets cut and weeds are doom

19.   cos’ bills somehow get paid
20.   cos’ things get done without words being said

21.   so we have to stay stuck, together we cluck
22.   so we depend on each other to increase our buck

23.   so we can better live out our callings and dream
24.   so we can fill and overflow life’s brim

25.   so we can extend blessings and give to others more
26.   so we can divine purpose together soar

27.   so looking forward to new chapters to score and roar…

so, join ramrom to celebrate and positively brood
let our souls sync and sing in marley mood

june-8-essaouira-night-024r-blog bob marley spotted in essaouira, morocco

i wanna love u and treat you right
i wanna love u every day and every night
we’ll be together with a roof right over our heads
we’ll share the shelter of my single bed
we’ll share the same room, yeah! – for Jah provide the bread
is this love – is this love – is this love
is this love that i’m feelin’?


one love, one heart
let’s get together and feel all right
as it was in the beginning (one love)
so shall it be in the end (one heart)
give thanks and praise to the Lord and we will feel all right
let’s get together and feel all right

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Jul '09

mizpah emoonah

squishing 2 hebrew words recently acquired
so ramrom researched and rewired

1 samuel 7 revealed “mizpah” this past sunday
used by brian morgan in context of imploring us to examine our idols to slay
mizpah, a place referenced in old testament, also meaning “watch”
idol choices made which our lives could botch
mizpah – an emotional bond between people who are separated
includes bonds that death serated
cross-ref’d in genesis 31:49 which quotes “may the LORD watch between u and me
when we are absent one from the other”, to protect us from temptations glee

today, i picked up “emoonah”, hebrew for “faith”, explicated by marcus borg
in his july 1 2009 article in  “explorefaith” dot org

faith in a greater power that watches over u
my synthesis of “mizpah emoonah” hue
to reflect upon one’s choice of life rudder and pew

200px-michael_jackson_and_president_bush_2_cropped source: wiki

how befitting, a michael jackson croon at time of composing over 96.5fm koit impact
“u and i must make a pact
we must bring salvation back
yes – where there is love”…and mizpah emoonah,
He’ll be there, i’ll bet my mullah

ramrom morphing dare to bare…
He’ll reach out His hand to u
u must have emoonah faith in Him in all u do
just call His name and He’ll be there…

He’s always there to comfort me and u
’tis wise to build one’s world of dreams around Him
i’m so glad that i found heavenly dew

He’ll be there to mizpah-protect u
with an unselfish love that respects u
just call His name and He’ll be there

mj, rock your soul in the bosom of abraham…..
God bless thee, u “suffered” in entertaining the whole world
rest in peace eternally, away from worldly twirl
away from earthly mayhem…

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Jun '09

paris, je t’aime

200px-parisjetaimeposter_eng source: wiki
“paris, je t’aime” movie fueled this reflection
wayne dyer’s “excuses begone” flamed inspiration
2 iconic celeb passings today brought about introspection

the neighborhood seems to have gone to the ravens
sinister-looking blackbirds cawing that descend from dark caverns
i’ve been noticing them crows hovering since economic meltdown last year
triggering superstitious feelings from lurking memes of fear

learned about memes from wayne dyer’s “excuses begone”
like viruses, bad habits and excuses that replicate, infiltrate and spread, like nuclear bomb
vmcover2 according to richard brodie, author of “virus of the mind”
mind memes “have already infected governments, educational systems, and inner cities”, humanity is in a bind
“leading to some of the most pervasive and troublesome problems of society today,
youth gangs, welfare cycle, deteriorating public schools, growing government bureaucracy – such dragons hard to slay

today was a sad day for 2 stars
farrah fawcett returned to venus and michael jackson to mars

so ramrom reflectively sings
an extract from prav’s world “time has wings”
“…we’re here for a little while, we’re only passing by
time has wings and the golden moments quickly fly…”

so excuses begone
don’t be forlorn, let bygone be bygone
so goes the saying “we are what we eat”
“all that we are is the result of our thoughts” a buddhist doctrine repeat

so be alert and aware, harken to dharma of the soul
get aligned, contemplate and let thinking unfold
like dan caro, think possibility, not succumb to meme limitation
keep the faith, play your cards without intimidation
be willing like virginia woolf to “arrange whatever pieces come your way”
“make it work” the infamous tim gunn mantra play


take responsibility for your action and passion
conquer richard lipton’s biology of belief, pay the right attention
when u change the way u look at things, the things undergo mutation
“we are not victims of our genes”, so climb to a higher cove
to materialize “unlimited capacity to live a life overflowing with peace, happiness and love”

“live as if you were to die tomorrow.  learn as if you were to live forever.”
“lives, like money, are spent. what are you buying with yours?”
respectively, mahatma gandhi and roy h.williams implore

wisdom according to mark twain
catch his thought train
“20 years from now u will be more disappointed by the things u didn’t do
than by the ones u did do. so throw off the bowlines. sail away from the safe harbor
catch the trade winds in your sails. dream…discover…explore.”

more significant “…those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
they will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint….”
so be like the eagle in isaiah 40:31 to soar and life score

as psalm 16:11 turns to the Lord to claim
Thou wilt show me the path of life; in Thy presence is fullness of joy;
at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore”

’tis simple trust and obey – exhort your Creator and Him adore
it’s a ramrom circular caw
go, yield to Divine to conquer your dharma, sharpen your saw

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Jun '09


today’s entry is dedicated to mama “june” kwan
who would have been 79 today, our hearts hold her fond…

…a little bit of this, a little bit of that
it doesn’t take much to get life-fat
a little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain
i’m tellin’ u it’s all in the game of life to tame
down pintxos with zurito and txakoli
an array of choices to make, resist or glean
how to lick life’s pintxos platter clean
cuidado – excess of obsess yields consequences of sin

in 2 weeks, we covered 3700 kilometers by car
from lyon to nice, san sebastian, barcelona, millau, avignon afar
our soul re-awakened to what could be had
to not think through “what next” will be tragically sad

when we still have the chutzpah to om-pa-pah
eyes to see, marvel in awe, ooo la lah
ears to listen, tastebuds to sample and baste
tongues to twist and culinary delights taste
legs to walk and pace from place to place
minds sharp enough for local haunts to trace
arms to hug and embrace hospitality grace
get lost to be amazed in love’s labyrinth maze

when we get on each other’s nerves
more than we enjoy each other’s serves
when travel yields more bruise
and becomes a chore, opt for cruise
before resorting to a nursing home noose
if u can, dwell first in chocolate mousse
before oblivion snooze
that’s when we sit on our buns
soak in and stare at rise and set of suns

someone sent me a story some time ago
now retold with ramrom modification glow

there were once 2 brothers who lived on the 75th floor
one day the lifts were not working so stairs they had to claw

after struggling to the 25th level, panting and tired
they decided to abandon their bags quagmired
they continued on and struggled to the 40th floor
then younger brother started to grumble, tempers soar
and they continued to squabble
all the way to the 50th floor as they wobble

they then realized that they have only 25 levels more to climb
decided to stop quarreling and continue climbing in peace sublime
they silently climbed on and reached their home at long last
each stood calmly before the door and waited for the other, the key to cast
but lo and behold, their realization told
the key was in their bags left on 25th floor cold

this story is reflecting on our life…
many of us live under the expectations of our parents and friends, “their success” to strive
we seldom get to do the things that we really like and love while subjected to so much pressure
by the age of 25, we get tired and decided to dump this load of measure and stressure

we then enter next third of life slogging and dream ambitious wishes and scheme
but by the time we reach 50 years old, we start to lose our vision, dream and steam
we began to feel unsatisfied and start to complain and criticize
we live life as a misery as we are never satisfied, potential unrealized
reaching 50, we realize that we have little left for complaining anymore
and we try to walk the final episode in peace and calmness but sore

we think that there is nothing left to disappoint us, only to realize that
we could not rest in peace because we have an unfulfilled dream that could be had ……
a dream we abandoned 50 years ago
but ramrom declares,….. say it isn’t so….

for the last third of one’s life should be the best chapter to boldly  scribe, tow and glow
and i thank God for His blessings flow
what a wonderful world

june-6-night-021r-ramrom wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the marrakesh express
wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the marrakesh express
they’re taking me to marrakesh
all aboard the train
all aboard the train……

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May '09



finally reunited with our wine
unshackling ourselves to prune the vine
aging over 10 years in erwan’s cave
now we shall revel the last laugh
c’est ne pas grave

hey dude, don’t be afraid
to imbibe and good times raid
we have found nirvana and liberated the slave
now go and rave, no need to $ave
we took a little trip to st nazaire les eymes hometown 2009-europe-trip-012r-cheminducerf
first stop was de nardi’s boulangerie  for croissants golden brown
to accompany confitures de marie-francoise, don’t forget crispy crust baguette
a table aussi – mf’s homemade yogurt, le petit dejeuner is perfectly set

there was music playing everywhere
the music came from within my heart


how did it happen
how did it start
i only know that we fell in love
i guess the answer lies up above
and so we sing , yai yai yai, ya ya ya yai yai, of golden years a-teaming
and as we stomped through route national thorough-fare a-gleaming

it’s all coming back
montage of gastronomic livery attack
fond fine friends to re-tack
a sojourn yielding slack for bric-a-brac

go to grenoble market, pick up gourmet grub
fix rendang curry, partake melange of amuse-guele our stomach to rub
jambon persille, fromage de tete, moules, anchois et pied de porc
mingle them morsels with 1993 barbaresco to hit the spot
wok-fried courgets-carotte-chou bathed in garlic, taipan’s curry over basmati spiked our langues
soothed by roquefort, st marcellin and reblochon swivelling in aged nebbiolo, our tongues tingled and sung


finished meal with marie-francoise strawberry delight
oh, a stroll through bois de biviers lightened our stomachs to snooze well through the night
may19-007r-strawberry strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring
our summer wine is really made from all these things
take off your silver spurs and help us pass the time
and we will give to u summer wine
oooooooohhh summer wine

when i woke up the alpine sun was shining in my eyes
awaiting homemade pate, tripe, poulpe et cuisses de grenouilles to feast and prize
stay tuned for further emission of joyous sights and sighs
as we foray chemin de vie, unveiling truths and highs…

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May '09

gone ski-ing

today’s quote
is catalyst for today’s gloat

from lou holtz
american football coach
2008 college football hall of fame he did encroach

quotes he,
with sting of bee:

“ability is what you’re capable of doing
motivation determines what you do
attitude determines how well you do it”

so then
ramrom to append and apprehend

what shapes our attitudes?
a whole array of values and rectitudes
me thinks its attributes
are embodied in the beautitudes

beautitudes-russian wiki: beautitudes, russian orthodox icon

shifting to a different altitude
just got off phone with canuck goon and gleaned this platitude
befitting the place we find ourselves right now
trying to redefine and refine retirement with a bow

the magic acronym for this enlightened phase
is “ski” – spending kid’s inheritance with grace
and be mindful to direct praise
to Providence who owns it all anyway, the rightful place

so next blog entries shall bemuse
adventures of  “gone ski-ing” to amuse

a ramrom chime

gone-fishing ski-ing, rather… for real…check below


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