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Nov '12

fall colors



in order to enter new old
our hearts to hold
be gently bold
to zap mold

sweep the dust
a renewal blast

provence of our lives at last
in God we trust

we fled
we bled
now new wooden floors to tread
stuff to enjoy and dread

autumn mood flavor

orange skies to savor
eat persimmons of our labor
do ourselves the favor
amazing grace to neighbor






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Feb '10

ramrom raps

it is done, it is out
so, what is ramrom raps about?

3725255cc_front_cover-360x540 is an anthology of introspective poetic
musings that capture the essence of the author’s life journey in “thirds.”
The author believes everyone is a life poet at heart wanting out.
She shares how she uses poetry-writing as a crystallizing process
to unveil authenticity and to invoke others to self-examine their
raison d’être
and to harness joie de vivre.

RAMROM RAPS inspires you to:

self-evaluate your life journey to glean wisdom for better steering ahead
tap the power of aligning your authentic self to life choices made
prioritize choices for a meaningful life as different stages in and out fade

PURCHASE online on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble

Also Available on lulu.com
via this LINK if you like your very own copy or to give to someone to enjoy!

Dec '09

phos hilaron

let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start
when u read the Word, u begin with genesis
with the Gospel, His coming was darkness nemesis

180px-adventkranz_andrea source: wiki advent

pbcc bernard lighted second advent
with ancient hail gladdening light chant
shining the Light in john 1:1-5 rant
the reason for the season God-sent

reminding us our beginning Might that was God, Word and Light
today’s service with downunder relatives was joyous delight
after dimsum, we drove to micro center site
the guys caved in on last day sale apple bite


a gladdening chorus indeed
blessed Christ-mass creed

we hymn the Father, we hymn the Son
we hymn the Spirit, wholly Divine
no one more worthy of songs to be sung
to the Giver of Life, all glory is Thine

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Dec '09


img_72091 may28-008r-churchplaceholder shot in st jean de luz, france

last sunday we cruised
to another adventus
time to reflect
how we survived 2009 intact

it was breathless for me
the gift of time did flee with glee
raced to connect with past, pause for cause
i pray it earned heavenly applause

2009 was launched with mother etherized to snowy dew
economy gone to dogs, a retrospection cue
a rush to wisely use time gift
to touch lives and life to lift

culminating in “ramrom raps” book
my nib ripped and shook
after trip to europe, africa and asia – just one look, that’s all it took
thank God for His advent, we can be thankful for His mercy to be off the hook

a blessed season to all
all creatures small and tall
no matter how humanly high, short of glory we fall

’tis the season to realize our folly
rejoice in Him and be forever jolly

it’s been said that God’s presence
is more important than presents

christmas is essence
to review “is life futile” in His absence?

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Jul '09

abel to wouk the talk

herman_wouk source: wiki

cyber-surfing led me to a pulitzer-prize winning herman wouk
his “write a page a day..it will add up” quote
my mind awoke with that spoke
crossing 200 entries mark, ramrom  record just broke

a wellspring sprung by pbcc bernard’s abel epiphany
set me reconnecting reconfigured pieces of reflections litany

250px-ghent_altarpiece_a_-_cain_-_abel_-_murder ghent altarpiece detail –  source: wiki

abel’s life was cut short, slain by cain
with enoch, it was God to retrieve and gain
however with noah, others died, whether avenged, revenged, or in vain

a stark “everyone dies but not everyone lives”,  what sane bane
bernard resurrecting the purpose of our mortal life pain
those who keep the faith, whether martyrs or with sin stain

i was entertaining my spirit on the piano with old  hymns of past
eureka blast of journey paths was cast

fueled by a youth group in action with bay area interfaith org
bingo, i spot how a win-win of ymai with senior center can be forged
in addition to a “90-day deadline to publish” blind courage lodged

fueled by taipan’s “como agua  para chocolate” lunch outpouring
home-baked beans, belgian beer, blutwurst and hollandaise sauce over eggs on toast zing


ramrom singing
we have a love, a love you don’t find everyday
followed by david cook’s “this is the time of my life” as i compose this, 96.5 fm radio waves play
thank Heavens, lurking dragons to slay

crooning along with mariah carey
who knows what miracle
u can achieve
when u believe

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Jul '09

mizpah emoonah

squishing 2 hebrew words recently acquired
so ramrom researched and rewired

1 samuel 7 revealed “mizpah” this past sunday
used by brian morgan in context of imploring us to examine our idols to slay
mizpah, a place referenced in old testament, also meaning “watch”
idol choices made which our lives could botch
mizpah – an emotional bond between people who are separated
includes bonds that death serated
cross-ref’d in genesis 31:49 which quotes “may the LORD watch between u and me
when we are absent one from the other”, to protect us from temptations glee

today, i picked up “emoonah”, hebrew for “faith”, explicated by marcus borg
in his july 1 2009 article in  “explorefaith” dot org

faith in a greater power that watches over u
my synthesis of “mizpah emoonah” hue
to reflect upon one’s choice of life rudder and pew

200px-michael_jackson_and_president_bush_2_cropped source: wiki

how befitting, a michael jackson croon at time of composing over 96.5fm koit impact
“u and i must make a pact
we must bring salvation back
yes – where there is love”…and mizpah emoonah,
He’ll be there, i’ll bet my mullah

ramrom morphing dare to bare…
He’ll reach out His hand to u
u must have emoonah faith in Him in all u do
just call His name and He’ll be there…

He’s always there to comfort me and u
’tis wise to build one’s world of dreams around Him
i’m so glad that i found heavenly dew

He’ll be there to mizpah-protect u
with an unselfish love that respects u
just call His name and He’ll be there

mj, rock your soul in the bosom of abraham…..
God bless thee, u “suffered” in entertaining the whole world
rest in peace eternally, away from worldly twirl
away from earthly mayhem…

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May '09

analog sanctuary

what a sweet and merry way
to hear potpurri of madrigals, jazz, gospel to usher in may
to renew the heart, soothing woes away
cresendoing and preparing the spirit for sabbath day


synchronized intent captured in robert frost’s “pasture”
what a delight to hear it captured in song gesture

“i’m going out to clean the pasture spring;
i’ll only stop to rake the leaves away
(and wait to watch the water clear, i may):
i sha’n’t be gone long…..

sara teasdale’s “life has loveliness to sell”
rang a timely tinkling bell
“for one white singing hour of peace
count many a year of strife well lost”, signalling grief to cease

my favorite – only voices and cathedral ceiling acoustics
with closed eyes, i drifted with “shenandoah” rolling gymnastics
most surprising to hear bob chilcott’s billy joel rendition
of “and so it goes“, here’s a snippet of experienced perdition


“i spoke to u in cautious tones
u answered me with no pretense
and still i feel i said too much
my silence is my self defense
and every time i’ve held a rose
it seems i only felt the thorns
and so it goes, and so it goes
and so will u soon i suppose…”

cresendo ending saturday
with duke ellington’s “come sunday
and mercer-arien “come rain or come shine
a perfect finish to a musical evening divine

“heaven is a goodness time.  a brighter light on high.
do unto others as u would have them do to u.
and have a brighter by and by…..

i believe God is now, was then and always will be.
with God’s blessing we can make it through eternity…”

“you’re gonna love me, like nobody’s loved me
come rain or come shine
we’ll be happy together, unhappy together
now won’t that be just fine
the days may be cloudy or sunny
we’re in or out of the money
but i’m with u always
i’m with u rain or shine”

just what i needed Lord, so sublime
grime and slime
washed away, no longer mine
we will be fine

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Apr '09

magnifique 7 tao

today marked 77th swim, since i began a battle of the bulge
averaging 0.7 minute a lap pace to enjoy and indulge
unwavering 70 laps per session goal i did keep
to-date a total of 77 miles to rip and reap
a reward of 7teen pounds less, the scale did beep

spring still vacillating between winter chill and summer heat
like world in turmoil, nature’s lost its beat
past 7 months’ gift of time flew at frenzy clip
spiked by 7 life blips, now reflecting to sip

first we were bereft when john suddenly left
then maryanne upon thanksgiving blew her last breath
that thanksgiving week, i cramped for CIA exams and passed
followed by jk’s pomp and circumstance, it came to pass
then mother got spared further suffering in feb
7-weeks (49-days) later end of march, a closure fab
topping as magnificent 7th – recent trip to vegas, fun moments to grab
friendships rekindled, good eats, jersey boys, phantom of opera, a 7th heaven wrap

120-las-vegas-apr16-068r1045-las-vegas-apr15-firefly-005r phantom-r2

matthew 7:7 comforting cue
ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

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Jan '09


what a week
despite a sudden back crick
yahoogroup and linkedin community building tricks to lick
chicago musical, cantor arts and chico social uptick

thanks paul to share
robin mckenzie’s “treat your own back”, how back2care
lord lordosis, the inward curve in lower back to protect and spare
i found out jan13 if u lose lordosis, spasm attacks
slouching posture and sitting too long yielded crippling smacks
thanks to literal “backsupport” divine hotline appealed
lordosis is restored and healed

and what a pilot chelsey spectacle
hope rekindled, what refreshing miracle
plane winding up safely on the hudson
us airways with count of 155-person
on flight 1549
all alive and fine
hmm…mere birds bringing down man-made bird
humbling squeals of last resort to the Supernatural One were heard
a different kind of lordosis to lord one’s destiny spurt

apropos reflection wrapping up the week today
pbcc bernand bell’s revealing genesis 3:8-13 part 2 of eden play
the first sin passed down, first act of wrong choice
vs today’s sermon on “hearing God’s voice”

in eden began human inclination to succumb to serpent
eyes opened to good and evil, a perilous descent
losing lordosis vital dent
now we have to choose the right bent
for a life well-spent
or to choose slouch
be a crouching grouch
or choose His love to vouch

wiki source

in-a-gadda-da-vida, honey,
don’t u know that I love u?
in-a-gadda-da-vida, baby,
don’t u know that I’ll always be true?

o, won’t u come with me
and take my hand?
please take My hand!

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Jan '09

but now

started 2009 with a bang
let’s stage a surprise potluck4taipan clang
pulled it off with help of friends and family
to jumpstart our year with glee

with upcoming obama inaugural address
a pbcc 2009 inaugural sermon bell rang, a dent in ramrom impress
in particular was how bernard  “but now” biblical verses together press
how the jews were once God’s chosen people, but now via Christ’s redemption
gentiles once excluded are but now under His inclusion

an extrapolated ramrom conjecture
things of past shaped the “but now” present which will in turn shape the future
yes, dream of the future taught by the past
but now, do something that matters for time may not last
for future to blast

strains of seals and croft
in my mind aloft
“so – i wanna laugh while the laughin’ is easy
i wanna cry when it makes it worthwhile
we may never pass this way again….”
mingled with yoko ono strain
“yesterday may haunt us forever
today may pass in fear
tomorrow may never come”

end times stanza
what’s it with gaza?
satyam ceo making 1 billion dollar cash entry
cfo contemplating suicide, what other cookies and rookies in the pantry
it’s all fake
your confidence to shake
the world is doomed
but now, with price paid on the cross, eternal hope for all has bloomed

neapolitan writer-engineer luciano de crescenzo’s quote to ring
“we are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can only fly by embracing one another”  ding ding ding

so let sea of humanity reach out and embrace each other
instead of violence, greed, misunderstandings and lies to smother
for tomorrow may never come for all we know
but now, all of us have access to the Father through Christ by one Spirit, we can love sow

ephesians 2:12-13
remember that at that time u were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in israel
and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world.
but now in Christ Jesus u who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ.

colossians 1:21-22
once u were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior
but now He has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present u holy in His sight,
without blemish and free from accusation

1 peter 2:10
once u were not a people, but now u are the people of God;
once u had not received mercy, but now u have received mercy.

1 peter 2:15-17 give us cornerstone to anchor upon for the but-now-today
or it is God’s will that by doing good u should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.
live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil;
live as servants of God.
show proper respect to everyone:
love the brotherhood of believers,
fear God….

(but) now, i found, that the world is round
and of course it rains everyday.

living tomorrow,
where in the world will i be, tomorrow?
how far out am i able to see?
or am i needed here?

if  i remember all of the things i have done,
i’d remember all of the times i’ve gone wrong.
why do they keep me here?

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Dec '08

happy birthday J&j

come gather round people
help jenny celebrate her 50th, it’s no riddle
she’s a benjamin, at end of the “yangtze” fiddle
now sliding down the 2nd half century of life’s steeple

her sisters and I, and many of u have past this marker
so what wisdom to impart, this bard began to ponder
for starters, i can only draw from experience and what flows in my rapping veins to convey what’s in store
and google for inspiration for some thing worthwhile to say and bore

first, when u begin to realize you’re 50 you become numb
wow, what did i do with my talents all this time, smart and dumb
then, i extrapolate, suppose i live another fifty years
what worthwhile gears do i engage, what to convert, how to conquer new fears
how will i know, what will i show
what’s rightly purposeful, i need to harken the inner whisper for His glory to glow

source: wikipedia

i began imagining what life would be like without me in pottersville
do i really matter, have i fulfilled God’s plan, is this all narcissistic endeavor, the ego to fill
how to fill years ahead, what to celebrate, learn and feel
what will further patmos sojourns reveal
how His instrument to become and deal before i keel

all i can say thus far
God keeps raising the bar
but He’ll keep u in divine love and grace to draw strength from, to play the cards you’re dealt
so give it your all and run the race well to the very end, till from this earthly life we melt

the “yangtze” flowed into my path for a reason
a vignette in life’s meanderings, i am blessed and standing here now to ramble with sweat a-glisten
thank u most eleanor for your kindness shown
taking me into your nashville home one asc christmas break many moons ago, the goodness was sown

jenny, i wish thee wonderful blessings to come as u walk to the next unknown
what a christmas gift u are to those that love u and God-willing, many more bright candles to be blown

a joyful 50th birthday
and i sincerely pray
the good Lord bless u and us all years to come, all the way

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Dec '08

moral morale caroles

cnbc blaring bad news after bad
spielberg and katzenberg among madoff victims to be had
the world has repeatedly gone mad
christmas ramrom to combat sad
revive “caveat emptor” due diligence fad

ramrom to shriek the halls with bowels of folly
fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
’tis the season to be jolly
fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

bright spot spotted in this nytimes article
b.virdot representing symbol of moral-spurred-to-uplift-morale oracle
we all have the capacity in us but fettered with free choice to perform the miracle

my head filled with many a carole king strain
powering ramrom train
with cold snap throughout babylon terrain

winter of discontent mingled with season of hope
which do i choose to mope
the reason for season to re-grope

many wonder if they’re ever gonna make it home again
it’s so far and out of sight…

snow is cold, rain is wet
chills our soul right to the marrow
yes, virginia – there’s Hope and resurrected victory to rid our sorrow

you’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
and show the world all the love in your heart
then people gonna treat you better
you’re gonna find, yes, you will
that you’re beautiful as you feel

i have often asked myself the reason for sadness
in a world where tears are just a lullaby
He’s provided an answer, His love can end the madness
maybe u think not, oh, but we can only try

way over yonder is a place i have seen
it’s a garden of wisdom from some long ago dream

and the sweet-tastin’ good life is so easily found
way over yonder, that’s where i’m bound

prophet isaiah 9:6 offers reason for season
for to us a child is born,
to us a Son is given,
and the government will be on His shoulders.
and He will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

a blessed christmas to all
may peace, love and goodwill continuously fall

this blog entry dedicated to the gno ladies
whom i will dine with tonight, helping each other through maladies
thank you gratuities

you made feel like a natural woman

and blessings to all my family and friends
you’ve got a friend

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Dec '08

here i am

wow, it has come to pass
a major milestone to surpass

jk walked with berk degree in hand
and here we are at time of deep crisis on this land
signalling transformation of sorts to ascend
moi inspired by keynote speaker mimi silbert’s call to fail and transcend

so here i am
looking at swirling waters in the dam
trying to protect the happy clam
analyzing doors that open then slam
time to review promises made to myself, bam

i promised i would resist using the elevator to get to office on 3rd floor
indeed i used the stairs up and down and attained a perfect score
i promised i would lap swim nonstop a minimum of 70 lengths each time i plunged into the pool
that i kept to-date whether the weather was summer hot or winter cool
i promised to pass CIA come hell or high water and voila, i now have that pro-tool

i started dec12 2007 to traverse king james scriptures in a year
now close to finish line, 3 more days to steer the gear
today’s reading plan covered ephesians5, ezekial14-15 and isaiah44
i discovered most relevant wisdom for these times to roar

paul admonished in ephesians5:15-16
walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
redeeming the time, because the days are evil” with deceitful lies
all that glitters is not gold, men and mice to entice

well, now we’re stuck
in the muck
our sins to repent and not bad vibes suck
evil to duck

we just graduated from thanksgiving
entering season of hope renewal in One that never falters, always loving and giving
to climb back to purposeful and meaningful living
ezekial 14:6 zeroed-in as ramrom engine idles
“repent, and turn yourselves from your idols”.

the connecter in me linked hope answer to isaiah44:10
fallen ones “who hath formed a god, or molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing?” zen
apropos christmas promise in verse 20
“I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions and thy sins: return unto me;
for I have redeemed thee”

humility bow
in googling for “here i am, the one that u love” draft of air supply in my head
i synchronistically got leona lewis‘ version of “here i am” instead

this is a crazy world
these can be lonely days
it’s hard to know who’s on your side
most of the time

who can u really trust
who do u really know
is there anybody out there
who can make u feel less alone
sometimes u just can’t make it on your own

if u need a place where u can run
if u need a shoulder to cry on
well He’ll always be your friend

when u need some shelter from the rain
when u need a healer for your pain
He’ll be there time and time again
when u need someone to love u

here i am, hmmm
there He is

if u have broken dreams
just lay them all on Him
He’ll be the one who understands
so take my hand but more importantly, His

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Nov '08

song of ramrom

o me gosh, last day of november is upon us
losses of sorts to reflect and nurse
mama howard got her sleep bliss ringing eternal thanksgiving bell
and today, the first advent (4th sunday before christmas) fell

i missed the last episodes of project runway while in the canada
but gained precisely all back when i serendipitously clicked on bravo re-runs yesterday, brava
then despite many failed attempts to view mamma mia chick flick with gno “aunties”
jk burned me a copy today, so another gain in my trove of bounties

yes, advent is about divine love gift free for all hanging on the Christmas tree
the best things in life indeed are free
thanks pc for the reminder, with sam cooke and u, i agree
also free for thee is this ramrom brie

moon belongs to everyone
the best things in life they’re free
stars belong to everyone
they glitter there for you and for me

and yes abba, i have a dream which is free, a song to sing
to help me cope with anything
if u see the wonder of a fairy tale
u can take the future even if u fail

i have a dream, a fantasy
to help me through reality
and my destination makes it worth the while
pushing through the darkness still another mile

o mamma mia, i believe in angels
something good in everything i see
i believe in angels
i know when the time is right for me
i’ll cross the stream – i have a dream

you’re in the mood for a dance
and when u get the chance…
u can dance, u can jive, having the time of your life
see that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the dancing queen

i’m flying free
take a chance on me
gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie
if u put me to the test, if u let shirliie try

i work all night, i work all day, to pay the bills i have to pay
ain’t it sad
and still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
that’s too bad
in my dreams i have a plan

money, money, money
must be funny
in the rich man’s now-lost world
money, money, money
always sunny
in the rich man’s now-broken world

all the things I could do
but u know the best things in life are free so i don’t need money
cos’ i have Him, honey

steve nash, a pro basketball player who’s already got the money says:
“it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy
i like to work out
i like to play ball
i like to spend time with my friends
i like to make myself better every day
i like to try to learn
it doesn’t take money to do that…”

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Nov '08


broken racquet
have strings restrung, easy fix racket

broken mac
u can replace that drive with burn attack

broken franck mueller
to have it serviced in hongkong, well trade landscape favor

broken digital camera
ship to canon repair center

broken china set
ain’t no way to piece back together for perfect fix get

broken phone
tone to atone
look for warranty to clone
broken blackberry
scramble dejected models to hone in a hurry

broken washer dryer
equipment do tire
tenants’ laundry in dire
a landlord’s quagmire

broken economy
broken foe and enemy
broken anatomy

broken savings
oh hell pell mell, means half to zero retirement cravings
rebalance portfolio for upturn
could be waiting for godot to churn
or get further burn

broken finger
fix with splinter

broken back
recover by laying in sack

broken old hip
muscles atrophy, no longer walk keep

broken neck
could translate to brain attack

broken heart in a broken world is worst to deal
hardest to heal
requires a broken body in Christ to appeal
to obtain salvation and divine love seal

i can still feel the breeze
that rustles through the trees
and misty memories of days gone by
we could never see tomorrow
no one said a word about the sorrow

and how can you mend a broken heart?
how can you stop the rain from falling down?
how can you stop the sun from shining?
what makes the world go round?

how can you mend this broken man?
how can a loser ever win?

please help us mend our broken hearts
and let us live again

we are not forsaken
in john 14:27 the Lord has spoken

“peace I leave with you,
My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

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Oct '08

bean there, dunk that

spotted in the rockies in hinton, alberta
a coffee donut stop’s magna carta
inspired this blog
retro gratitude to unclog
celebration of my life to flog

be emancipated
go west, get educated

be global
act local
be multimedia vocal

a-ok to run counterherd
express voice to be heard
as long it doesn’t hurt
fly free as a bird

know what works when
glow with flow, do the can-can

true to yourself be
don’t be your worst enemy
be genuine
impactful bonds to intertwine

do what u love
with help from above
flex with changing turf
take road less travelled off the curve
give your best unconditionally and surf
graciously receive and serve

experience caviar delight
nature art to sight

don’t be uptight
instead sing and boogey right into the night
pursue worthy cause to fight
turn darkness to light

your best attribute
wear your crest attitude
at the right altitude

we’re born to die
meanwhile live life
till we meet again in the sweet by and by

dedicated to dear neighbor
farewell john, take eternal rest from labor
thanks for the fond memories to savor
life’s indeed a great buffet
pick wisely from array

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Sep '08


yesterday’s date
is intertwined with golden gate
symbolizing cantata of “simple twists of fate
upon connecting stories of late
dicey spicy debate
dots that mate and relate
an entry now to create

wee hour of 6:00am to trot
dropped off saliwee and bro at sf airport
hmm, since we need to further on to napa
for a morning date with yamanaka
why not stop for sunrise
over golden gate bridge to apprise

diamonds and rust lyrics to mesmerize
get lost in the fog clouds as they lumber and arise

the real “golden gate” is the strait that the bridge spans
captured this morning by taipan’s lens

it was first named “chrysopylae,”
meaning “golden gate”,  greek at play
by lieutenant john fremont in 1846 noted on vista point display
symbolic of me setting sail into a golden life-phase bay

a delightful lunch at julia’s kitchen in copia
interspersed with yummy life stories, o mamma mia
makes one appreciative of life spent thus far
powered by heavenly star
healing life choices made without much scar
fulfilling dreams via doors closed and opened ajar

He brought my heart
to san francisco
high on a hill, it calls to me
to be where little cable cars
climb halfway to the stars!
the morning fog may chill the air
i don’t care!

my love waits there
in san francisco
above the blue and windy sea
when i come home to you, san francisco,
your golden sun will shine for me!

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Aug '08

stop! relieve2relive

in honor of mj and goizueta may
precious indeed their insightful say
title reflecting their wisdom combo
stop – know when weeds to mow
relish fruits reaped, new life plans to sow

week one, catharsis clout
a bygone past tossing bout
minimalism to tout
now a tad lighter
more manageable clutter
please-release-me mutter

soak in rest
blest comforts of nest
before, only non-work hours enjoyed at best
now 24×7 passion let loose fest
live2work to detest
conserve energy to climb to life crest
get2know and drive taipan crazy test
with supreme zest

before you break your heart
stop! in the name of love
before you break His heart
think it over
think it over

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Jun '08

czech’d out

it’s been a week since europe we czech’d out
back to the reality that pays for what one desires of life to be about
much transpired, much to re-assess
what makes His measure of life success
and be blessed

living the life one defines
a baroque dance of branches intertwined with its vines
bearing fruits sweet, sour, bitter and delectable
each individual very capable
of intermingled love and gifts coming to fruition spectacular

when, what and how to check out from one life adventure phase to next
every decision bears outcomes in context
what to lose, what to find, reframe and regain
seed in right places to future harvest from past pain
watch out for energy drain

our bodies and time are but finite
brace unknowns, travel light
incidentally today’s pbcc nugget dwelled on paul’s letter to timothy “to fight a good fight”

1 timothy 6 verses 6-11 set worldly context to the letter
about being best while alive, better than better
that “godliness with contentment is great gain
for we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it”, all is indeed vain

verse 8, i get
“but if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that”

verse 9 vets attention to timeless inspection
“people who want to get rich fall into temptation
and a trap, and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction”

verse 10 is the infamous “for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”
those fallen prey “wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs,” to glee of the devil

verse 11 paul exhorts the man of God in timothy to “flee from all this, and pursue righteousness,
godliness, faithfulness, love, endurance, and gentleness”
hence rise in victory over eden’s curse
“fight the good fight of the faith” till czeched out of mortality in the enlightening 12th verse

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May '08

annual crossings renewal

intuitive dec12 christmas potluck dedication…

106. Wed 12 Dec ’07

12-12-12 ways of christmas

1 let’s pause to reflect
2 what Christmas is about intact
3 God’s greatest gift of all – Jesus who came to die on the Cross so we can live
4 a free gift of salvation, love, and hope, why is it so hard for us to receive?

5 Christmas is the time to celebrate peace and joy
6 to remind ourselves, futile human strength no longer need deploy
7 for our God supplies our every need
8 protection from evil, sins and sorrows to rid
9 all we have to do is walk close to Him and His voice heed

10 bless intuit and thank you for this time of fellowship
11 bless the nourishment we are about to receive and drinks to sip
12 thank you for Your love that binds us, to serve each other for Thy glory
1 afterall – isn’t this the Christmas story?

2 draw us closer together through this coming year
3 help ICF be a body of Christ strong, filled with good cheer
4 for the work of Christmas begins everyday
5 to find the lost, hearts gone astray

6 to heal those broken in spirit, to feed the hungry
7 to be a balm instead of being anxious and angry
8 to restore hope, to delight each other
9 to make joyful music, to lean on Your rudder

10 we pray we continue to radiate the Light of Christ every day
11 in every way, in all that we do and in all that we say
12 all these things we seek&pray closing with adapted romans 12 from apostle paul
– a blessed christmas to one and all

1 be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind
2 as we have many members in one body, all members have not the same office we find
3 having gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us
4 whether prophecy, or ministry, or teaching or exhortation immerse
5 or he that giveth, he that ruleth, he that sheweth mercy with cheerfulness
6 abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good
7 be kindly affectioned one to another in brotherly love mood
8 not slothful in business and fervent in spirit serving the Lord
9 rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuous prayer to God
10 bless them which persecute you, curse not, be not wise in your own conceits
11 provide things honest, live peaceably with all men, turn away deceits
12 avenge not but overcome evil with good you got

on the 12th day of christmas
my 1-and-only True Love gave to me

a Patriarch to set me free

Sun 23 Dec ’07

as simple as 1:23

yesterday max lucado pinged my inspiration tree
his simple message drawn from matthew 1:23

…and they shall call His name Immanuel”
a virgin birth in a manger, yes a barn, nothing swell

“immanu” means “with us” in hebrew, as it did 2000 years ago
“el” refers to Elohim, or “God” aglow
put them together, Jesus aka Immanuel means “God with us” now we know

not an “above us” God nor a “somewhere-in-the-neighborhood” goddess
He came as the “with us God” descending to earthly poverty to give us His richness
combine lucado with ung’s berita bethel rumination 143, 2 corinthians 8:9 to reveal
“..for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich” deal

not “God with the rich” or “God with the religious”
but God with us – all of us
russians, germans, buddhists, bedouins, truck drivers, ceo’s, and librarians – God with us

red or yellow, black and white
we are all loved and precious in His sight

the fallen angel satan is with us too
your soul 24×7 to woo..
you’re free to choose who

no can 2 masters serve
God is binary; no in-between turf
u certainly have the choice
to voice
preference-4-earthly toys
toils and spoils
chocolate-covered boils

methinks, if u believe in God, u can’t reject Immanuel
if u walk with God, u can’t reject His Holy Spirit in your heart dwell
for they are all but one Holy Trinity well

in italy, the children write letters not to santa but to their earthly parents
to tell them how much they love them cadence
the letter is normally placed under the father’s plate and read
after the christmas eve dinner has been had

the birth of Christ is God’s letter to mankind
to give hope, a simple invite to taste His love divine
so simply great but hard to comprehend
came to live with us and die for us so we be with Him in earthly-n-heavenly pen

recalling german 101 rhyme
eins, zwei, drei
du bist frei…

111. Mon 24 Dec ’07


the rhyming gene runs in the family
me bro chuck chuckles along with me
here goes the christmas-in-novato jingle
our poetic spirits to co-mingle

to every season, everyone harken
there is a time to feast on turducken
and [yester]day was such a time
marking end of chuck’s and beginning of rom-rhyme

our turducken was made by chef gaik
opening up turkey, its bones to rake
deboned duck and chicken layers sit on turkey layer cake
stitch them together to turkey whole make to bake

matt and krissy shelled dungeness crabs
for a delish bisque to slurp up for grabs
adding to veggies, mashed potatoes, matt created creamed spinach
for dessert, gaik’s trifle with blueberries & persimmons was a rage

a joyous time to be had by all
reunited with bryan from east to west coast call
4 cal bears gathered at novato dining hall
it is certainly a charming christmas clan ball

112. Tue 25 Dec ’07

4 weddings, a funeral & christmas

a christmas thought came my way
deserving of sharing, so on my ram-rom wall display
dedicated to j3:16, someone dear
his christmas reflection so profoundly clear

over the course of the last 2 weeks
a wedding, a funeral, retirement parties mix
with notices of other “close ones” demise
saying goodbyes to miss

these events made him ask
an epiphany “to-launch-the-future-right” task
why does it always take a death, wedding or some dramatic event
for people to connect and talk with each other with thoughtful scent?

why do we wait
until it’s too late
to express what others meant to us
why do people not take the time to converse
to express a simple “thank u” for favors or insights received
directly or indirectly conceived?

he ponders further, why not strive
to focus on what truly matters in life?
to live in the moment and appreciate those
who’s part of one’s journey, a simple toast of thanks to close

passing his challenge, what’s the meaning of it all
time2pause for resolutions to enthrall

zig ziglar quoted that your attitude,
not your aptitude,
determines your altitude.

and poets have the latitude
to end with unknown platitude
indeed “gratitude
is the best attittude”

wishing all an appreciated christmas with matthew beautitudes

– blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
– blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be in comfort tavern
– blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth
– blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be in satisfied turf
– blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy
– blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall God see
– blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God
– blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for the heavenly kingdom is their lot

113. Tue 1 Jan ’08

so ferry ‘cross the mersey

life goes on day after day
so while the sun shines, make hay
so 2007 crossed to 2008
what’s in store, what to anticipate?

what if $86400 is deposited in thy account at start of each day
that is $1 for each second of a 24-hour life play
the catch is whatever is “unspent” at end of day goes away
what hogmanay gifts, or will it be invested in decay?

so Fairy, have mercy
safely take me where is “there”
meanwhile here i’ll stay
day by day
oh dear Lord, these things i bray

for some lad
so sad, so sad
sometimes she feels so sad
alone in her apartment she’d dwell
till the man of her dreams comes to break the spell

it’s just another day

but – hang on there is hope, a better way
put on new lens henceforth this new year’s day

it doesn’t have to be this way
let Him show u a better play
no mountains too high, for u to climb
all u have to do, is have some climbing faith sublime
no rivers too wide, for u to make it across
all u have to do, is believe it when u pray to the Boss

He’ll be your cloud up in the sky
He’ll be your shoulder when u cry
He’ll hear your voices when u call
He’s your Angel

and when all hope is gone, He’s here
no matter how far u are, He’s near
it makes no difference who u are, to Him you’re dear

and when it’s time to face the storm
He’ll be right by your side
Grace will keep us safe and warm
and i know we will survive

and just when it seems as if your end is drawing near
don’t you dare give up the fight
just put your trust beyond the sky…
He’s your Angel
if u let Him, He’ll be your Angel

morning has broken, like the first morning
blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
praise for the singing, praise for the morning
praise for the springing fresh from the Word

mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
born of the One Light, eden saw play
praise with elation, praise every morning
God’s recreation of the new day

114. Sat 5 Jan ’08

bacio divino

gushing into the new year
cleansing start in bay area
since yesterday’s stormy weather
havoc all over, helter skelter

17 and 101 closures meant eric declining
a nice hadji meal already prepared awaiting
we gained from eric’s loss, divine dining
so u see, rain clouds have a silver lining

taipan just crossed speed limit age
tirrell-hitchcock “norman” outpourings helped turn the page
bacio divino and chardotto port flowed in their nook
bushwhacking started with a batmanglij persian cookbook
followed with personalized dragon-etched martini glass
with a set of 6 silver picks to spear olives with class

listen to the pouring rain, listen to it pour
and with every drop of rain, u know we love taipan more
let it rain all night long
let love flame lalo many years strong
as long as we’re having fun together
who cares about the weather?

listen to the falling rain
listen to it fall
and with every drop of rain
taipan hears us call
call his name right out loud
he can hear above the clouds
and we’re here among the puddles
partaking in bacio divino huddles

it’s raining
it’s pouring
lalo will be snoring
sleeping like a babe thru the morning

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Apr '08


wordpress burped big time to my dismay
humbling reminder of here today
gone tomorrow
so, now to recreate joy from horror

blog entries lost from november2007 through last april2008 entry
wordpress cleared 6 months worth of my rapping pantry

Mon 5 Nov ’07

the rest of the story

sep 27 “vertigo” entry elucidated the Lord’s prayer in matthew6
last friday, ron mehl shed light on nehemiah9, the longest prayer fix
focussing the soul to praise His goodness and mercy great
in all 38 verses, how we should medidate and Him relate

just then i came across commentator paul harvey’s prayer reflecting secular incline
aired on his radio show, with “the rest of the story” tagline
here goes his wry wit
tempered with [my rhyming bit]

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance
we know Your Word says, “woe to those who call evil good,” but that is exactly what we have done [with abundance]

we have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values
we have exploited the poor and called it the lottery [dues]

we have rewarded laziness and called it welfare
we have killed our unborn and called it choice [to bear]

we have shot abortionists and called it justifiable [steam]
we have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem

we have abused power and called it politics
we have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition [kicks]

we have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression
we have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment [regression]

search us, o God, and know our hearts today
[let truths reign and please amend our way]
cleanse us from every sin [as fallen men]
and set us free, Amen!


105. Sun 25 Nov ’07
pajaro rentrée

week ago i implored for a heavenly decree
to banish cough tickles and muscle pains, i wanna be free
like the surf scoters flying by me
like the foamy waves out on the pacific sea

it was precisely what was needed
a weekend salt-cleansing respite, my pleas heeded

rejuvenation at pajaro dunes, thanks to fine-feathered hitchcocks
a renaissance event that fed the soul and detox
celebrating kinship, goodness poured, surf&turf rocks
knocking off socks

pajaro dunes was perfect fest
to nest and rest
ride the crest

rentree to IA flock of geese
to bask in v-uplift much missed

this thanksgiving
is indeed special inning
for reflective gleaning

did you ever know that He’s my Hero
and everything i would like to be
i can fly higher than an eagle
for He is the wind beneath my wings

my sweet Lord
i really got to see U
really got to be with U
really got to know U

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Oct '07


what timely insight to behold
message from above this morn unfold
as pbc spawns in willow glen community bold
leadership transitioning to seed new foothold

at intersection, elders struggle to manage change
no different than corporations grappling future range
elders in service to the divine CEO – what is it all about?
look2letters from ray stedman and paul2timothy to establish ephesus church, to clear doubt
confronting squarely worldly artemis’ clout


2 guiding questions, first what do u read to base wise direction
a brian morgan takeaway gem – “the bible is a pdf” an unchangeable foundation
second, who to disciple, how to equip next generation
2 questions paralleling my own quest at mid-course intersection

as my journey unravels, what, who and how to reach
forum offsites echo team mates urging me to teach
time to gel rich input, d4D a program to spawn talent and self-introspection siege
unleash potential, instill confidence and enable growth, limitations to breach

the teaching ended with irish strain, still ringing in my brain
what blessing received, hurry to journalize, wisdom to ingrain

be Thou my Vision, o Lord of my heart;
naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.
Thou my best Thought, by day or by night,
waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

be Thou my battle Shield, Sword for the fight;
be Thou my Dignity, Thou my Delight;
Thou my soul’s Shelter, Thou my high Tower:
raise Thou me heavenward, o Power of my power.

riches i heed not, nor man’s empty praise,
Thou mine Inheritance, now and always:
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art.


i leave pbc ray stedman’s wisdom crumb to succumb
“life is a school, a training period where we are being prepared
for something that is incredibly great but is yet to come”

coincidentally, today’s spanish word of the day
indicating things seem to be lining up my way?

Spanish Word of the Day – sunday oct21,2007

carrera, noun
career; degree

La carrera has several meanings, and your professional career is just one of them.

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Sep '07


2 kinds of vertigo experienced yesterday
one – physical, oxygen-starved spinning sway
while squeezing 1 more email send
before rushing to a meeting attend

the other – spiritual oxygen infusion kind
blest be the ties that bind
in my morning drive with 770 david jeremiah
how2 prime-the-prayer-pump, matthew 6:9-13 guide on fire

begin with praise to our heavenly Father, calling on His hallowed name
prioritize His will, bring His kingdom heaven down to earth in life reign

depend on Him for daily bread provision, He knows exactly what u need when
pray4personal relationships, forgiving our debtors, get right with others be4 right with Candyman can

pray4protection, lead us away from temptation and deliver us from evil
otherwise fall folly to frustration, fatigue and failure swivel

exchange mortal attempts with supernaturally controlled life to seal
end with praise for His kingdom, power, glory forever – amen of prayer meal

so, my darling, please surrender
all your love so warm and tender
let Him hold u in His arms, dear
while the moon shines bright above


all the stars will tell the story
of His love and all its glory

be His forever
be His tonight

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Aug '07

Triune Love

today’s pbcc pearl imparted by john hannerman
continuing on john 14, verses 15-31 to rant
depicting upper room last days of our loving Father
tickling our hearts with the Triune Love feather

i don’t want your lonely mansion with a tear in every room
all i want is His love He promised beneath the haloed moon

verses 9-10 to philip He answered sublime
don’t you know Me, philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?
anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father…how can u say, ‘show us the Father’?
don’t u believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in Me, or rather?

verses 12-14 unveiling I tell u the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing
he will do even greater things than these, because to the Father I am now going

and I will do whatever u ask in My Name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father
u may ask Me for anything in My Name, and I will do it, taking My Divine Plan in u further

verses 15-17 recanting if u love Me, u will obey what I command….elvis belching “it’s now or never”
and I will ask the Father, and He will give u another Counselor -the Holy Spirit of Truth- to be with u forever

alas the world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him
but u know Him, for He lives with u and will be in u, aha – this poet’s triangular hymn
“know yourself – know others – know Him”
for places to go in a whim and run like the wind


so rejoice and do not grieve
last verse 31, come now let us in victory leave

love Me with all of your heart
that’s all I want, love
love Me with all your heart
or not at all

don’t give Me your love
for a moment
or an hour
love Me always
as u loved Me
from eden’s start
with every beat of your heart

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Jul '07

animal farm

pbcc doug sauder illustrated leviticus16 “a priest and 2 goats”
which set sail my wandering mind boats
to float to orwell’s animal farm
as fatima noted, my tendency to quote animalistic balm

lit up atoning significance of yom kippur
under old covenant the priest was man’s sin purifier skipper
under new covenant, we have an Atoner eternal
no need for goat-bull-scapegoat-ram offerings to save us from dante’s inferno

do u have your ducks in a row?
which way are u skinning the cat to keep aglow?
this blog attempts to take the horse to water
don’t be like the frog in warm water grotto
put the horse ahead of the cart
as u rev different life engines to start
don’t settle for pig in the poke
if u do, restart using the choke
learn from the geese, flight to breeze
our faults to tease, strengths to please

amazing love how can it be?
that my King would die for me
amazing love i know it’s true
it’s my joy to honor U
in all i do
i honor U

leviticus discovery how scapegoat came about
william holman hunt’s painting beautifully tout

the scapegoat

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