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Jul '06

bryan’s song


welcome back, another life chapter to write
dc awaits you, full of promise so enjoy the ride
back in june 1974 before atlanta to embark
i wrote “s.o.s” to heaven to brave the uncertainty stark

help me, I’m caught in a whirpool of regrets
spliced and distorted, smashed upon the rocks
help me shoot off at a tangent
in good shape with renewed vigor
to carry on….

april 1978 in the library “book weaving” i logged
just before graduation to face another uncertainty block

here i am
in sterile flourescence
torturing my mental faculties
depriving my soul
of simple bliss
impossible to come by
schemes and dreams
in constant flux
going somewhere and nowhere
is it worth it?

fast forward july 30, 2006
i am here to tell you it is worth every bit
seek Him and ye shall find
you will never be in a bind

Jul '06

to martie with love

those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone
but in my mind, I know they will still live on and on
unbelievable that i advanced from chaucer to myself
it isn’t easy but i tried, thanks pepperdene to tell
this e-tribute to martie on her art show debut
you’re hotstuff, all the best and congrats to you!

i relate to all you emailed back aglow
it is meaningful to have a purpose and goal
it feels good to reach the mountain tops you decide to climb
you’re fulfilled with peaks of joy sublime

poetic writing is tangible for me
who would have thought the blog would be my medium free
for to keep all a secret does no one no good
the power of internet multiplies the food

if you track back to the 1998 reunion booklet you collated
eerie dream to “start business by 50″ shirley narrated
that somewhat materialized as I was about to launch my biz website
when suddenly the phone rang and I bit the corporate bite

meanwhile the website laid in dust
now revived to collect diamonds and rust
albeit a different form of consulting
the stars conspired and did the directing

things just fell into place, God-imbued grace
I ablazed, I too stand amazed
praise Him from whom all blessings flow
congrats again to thy life milestone show!

Jul '06

mamas and papas

monday, monday yesterday…so good to me
cos 19 years ago on this date, mama and papa became we
yea, it was california dreamin’ come true
this is birthday dedicated to one we love, yea you

you loved the book “my mama is a llama”
your papa was hercules poirot in the drama
you loved the sound of “funf” when barely five
at seven a “shinagawa” bump you survived
now look at you sprouting tall
a lad driving a cad and having a ball

life can never be, exactly like we want it to be
the future’s not ours you see
stars shining bright above thee
live your dreams is key

whatever it be, give it your all, your best
seek wisdom in God for the rest

Jul '06

happy birthblog

hard to believe the blog is one week old
even used, is it collecting new mould?
if cheesy, mould can be a good thing
so l guess, i will continue to zing

blame yesterday’s stanzas on the heat
scrambled bleats as rational juices deplete
brain cried as it got fried and dried
to emit matters of the heart, it tried

now couch travelling to granville island with rudy maxa
up in vancouver, “diva at the met” tastes sabrosa
rainbow seaweed in victoria??!
and por supuesto, butchart gardens to cheer

Jul '06

warum, warum?

wie ist das wetter heute?
leider, leider, meine liebe leute
sehr hiess, aujourd’hui comme hier
ich muss weiter zu trinken ein bier

sangat hangat lah
solamente can blah
or is it nur moi, o solo mio
no puedo traba-hohoho, mi tio

meltdown, meltdown fondue
regress back to childhood cue

mag tanim hindi biru
mag hapon na kayuko
di kaman ma ka upo
di kaman ma ka tayo

geylang sipaku geylang
geylang sirama rama
mandi, marilah mandi
sekarang ayer sejuk ia-lah buah hati
kalau tidak, boleh mati

scorching plight
100 degrees fahrenheit…

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Jul '06

hot tamales

chihuahua, hole in the sky
the ire emitted can bake a pie
a few months ago mudslides from pouring rains
now we are seething hot refrains

’tis because we’re ruining mother earth
that tomorrow is set aside for air quality rebirth
that’s all my windmill can muster now
now in icy waters i gotta drown
adeus, ate logo
on bed of ice snowflakes to troll
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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Jul '06

beauty in eye of beholder

so what makes poetry, “poetry”?
who cares, why does it matter
poets earn their own degree

what makes poetry “good”?
who cares, why does it matter
“good” if it speaks to you and makes you brood

when you have to minimize, crystallize and immortalize
provocate with choice morsels, phrasings, musings and disguise
that both poet and poetee can relate
that to me is when poetic connection is made

for example, what is it with “rams and roms”
pour moi, rambling longterm memories, temp rompings without tomtoms
et voila – besides I have rubrics of anthologies in the making
love bytes:romings & ramblings,windmills of my mind, autumn ramblings
excerpts of which I shall tantalize thee on this “travelogue” blog
spawning further fissions and fusions, visions and missions together to log

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Jul '06

why it matters

merhaba! yokatta desu ka?
ready with me to honda or to vespa?!
so what nugget do I have in store for thee today
as i meander along life’s winding way

i recall a short verse scribed for a friend’s baby shower
which distilled the “aha” life matter essence of parental power
so the first unleashed from “windmills of my mind”
penned on june 4, 2006 to the fifes of a biblical kind:

enjoy the precious gift from up above
that is coming to fill your lives with love
may blessings unfold as you journey together
discover joy in making another life matter!

kinda the notion of life’s circular motion and potion….
parents bring about a life and in the process concoction,
that life brings more life to the parents in upward or downward spirals,
depending on choices taken over time gyrals….

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Jul '06

“it’s cheesy”

a comment re:reaction to my start-up blog was “it’s cheesy…”

one of the thought provoking application picked up from sermon today re:paul’s letter in prison to the philippians was “why does it matter”….for to die is to gain. so after a sushimaru lunch over a discussion on the usefulness of blogs, i returned home to google simply “poetry-why does it matter”. several links popped up one of which i attached was “dana gioia online” in the blog roll of links.

the next link i clicked led me to another blog and a poem on cheese as follows which could explain the “cheesy” opinion of my blog???:


cheese is the word of the world
cheese can be as yellow as the sun,
or as smelly as the wild skunk.
we could all learn something from cheese.


cheese comes in all diffrent shapes, forms, and colors.
yet no matter what, cheese does not complain
cheese does not segregate
and cheese does not know hate.
cheese knows that they all come from the same basic materials in life and accepts it as is.
we could all learn something of human culture by taking on the peacefullness of the cheese.

jean-marc me dit pour mon bon anniversaire, tres sage
age is not important unless you’re fromage


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Jul '06


yamashita – i have a blog!
so thanks to my son, the internet i clog
the moment has come to keep up with technology
so starting today please join my e-reality….
no, I am not the cantopop singer
this one rhymes in many lingos, she’s a zinger

now that i got it, what gems to parlay
shall i globally collect what you have to parlez
afterall my passion is to connect dots and people
and in the process our hearts and mind to tickle

pray give me ideas what will be fun
i’ll take ideas and give them a run
for starters music lyrics, word origins and local rhymes
mundane or exotic experiences, rosemary and times


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