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Oct '06


shalem is today’s geocache pearl
to enable shalom in communities to swirl
in exodus 22:1-17 context of restoring property violation
to repair relationships and restrain rip-offs by restitution

shalem transmits peace to make complete whole
covenant relation to keep, safe for the soul
under new convenant not impossible to uphold
if one gives up control to Him for gold in us to mould

Oct '06


from the radio waves on way to work today
pastoral message on halloween origins 770am did play
3 paganistic streams explaining oct 31 date
for u to decide how important enough to celebrate


oct 31 is celtic druid new year’s eve
also irish festive samhain “barrier between living and dead” annual relief
for ghouls and goblins to wander freely
perfect excuse for kids to carry out mischief willy-nilly

in east europe, witches declared oct 31 their high sabbath
to high-gear recruit gullibles to increase their occultish macbeth
to brew double, double, toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble

’tis catholic tradition to call on saints as God-mediators
the poor calendar ran out of days to commemorate such gladiators
so samhain date was originally fixed
to celebrate “hallowmas” hallow=holy, mas=mass, all saints mixed
universally changed to nov 1 by pope greogory III
anniversary to consecrate st peter’s chapel housing relics of matyrs, saints collected

oct 31 also marks significant event
to counter man-made halloweenistic bent
in 1517, 95 theses posted by martin luther
birthdate of protestant reformation, 3 principia utter
sola gratia, solus Christus, sola fide
only grace, only Christ, only faith, the only way

all other mediators no longer need
sola gratia, solus Christus, sola fide heed
no need for halloween, no treat, no trick
His blood flowed to unite us with Him in eternal heavenly creek

Oct '06

psalm balm

at bible study last night
parallelism insight
psalm 3 reading
hebrew poetic meaning

takes me back to “beauty in eye of beholder” logged in july
like any artistic expression, only meaningful if to you apply
up to you to interprete and relate
what artists create and bait

psalm is from greek logos “psalmoi”
meaning “songs sung to a harp” with soothing coy
originally from “psallein”, “play on a stringed instrument”
picture psalmist david in deep sorrow or joyful moment

150 psalms in the bible compiled
vs 5 poems in lamentations culled
takes one through entire spectrum of life
conversations with God to survive all kinds of strife

Oct '06

casa zimbabwe


second largest co-op at berkeley
housing over 120 as many
not a place of plenty
but works if u are zany
or want to save a pretty penny
and can live on scanty

assigned duties amazingly get done
a tribal community shaping my son
when it’s dinnertime, don’t get overrun
anarchy reigns as non-survivors get none


last night was pan-asian flavor
grab ahead your plates, utensils, grey poupon plastic container
strategize or roll your dice
which table to swoop-in for that cauldron of soup, tempeh or pork slice
a 7-course meal, not bad to satisfy pangs
opportunity abounds to develop life skills and lab for behavioral fangs

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Oct '06

try to remember – sep 1 revival

try to remember
the kind of september
when you learned to bike
bold enough to tell someone to take a hike

try to remember
love smoldering amber
the first kiss
a heartbeat miss
to be dumped and to dump
first disco coke and rum

try to remember
sweet surrender
floating on a cloud
receiving a prize proud
collecting stuff for jumble sale
counting jelly fish when ferry to butterworth sail


try to remember
the childish pranks i now shudder
lighting up firecracker in can to blast the new year
screams elicited in the cemetery under moonlight clear

try to remember
on guitar folk songs to render
gurney drive strolls, “you can’t help going for a walls” ice-cream
campbell street shopping and faraway lands for hope and dream

rest your head on flashback pillow
and sweet bliss hollow will follow and fallow…

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wow, what an inspiring discovery today
thanks to taipan, a pbs dvd from library crossed my way
a compilation of jazz history entitled gumbo
downtrodden with flu, episode 1 of 10 perked my soul

new orleans is the seat of blues
that morphed ragtime, shimsham, swing, improvisation coos
collectively forming music genre of jazz
what a rich heritage america possessezz

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Oct '06

real value

real value = memories + time + love
pastor-cum-economist brian morgan’s formula touched a nerve
this past sunday’s message from up above
whose slave are you, what God do you serve?

exodus 21 depicts rules for male slave at end of 6th year
deuteronomy 15 says in 7th year freedom from debts clear
compared against bondage in living beyond our means today
credit debt tears society asunder when not kept at bay

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Oct '06

vergangenheitsbewaltigung-sept 2

the germans have it
2 words in 1 long soundbyte meet
vergangenheits is the past
bewaltigung is management, mastering the mast
compressed together
struggle to come to terms with past matter
live with consequences of dark chapters of past rust
life’s collected dust

dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

galatians 6:7 has another way of slaying it, here it goes
a man reaps what he sows
not counting spaces, 19 letters in biblical wisdom prose
vs 25 letters used, the germans machen ein wort gross

quotes pastor and author charles swindoll
life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it all
world according to sk says about life game and aim
life hands us different trump cards; how we play them out, lights our flame

at the bewitching end
the cpu breaks down and begins to rend
all fears and tears come to roost
a bit too late then to conquer demons let loose

so my friend
don’t wait till the end
conquer demons now, plant seeds of love and joy
positive karma to deploy

sowing in the morning
sowing seeds of kindness
sowing in the noontide
and the dewy eve
waiting for the harvest
and the time of reaping
we shall come rejoicing
bringing in the sheaves

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eureka but no bananas

back in august, one blog entry disappeared in cyberspace
as it crossed to the new month of september
now as september crossed october
another similar lost ie first-logged of the month entry case

in navigating my admin features
it seemed like archives is set to handle only 10 different calendar day creatures
hmm, i changed that to 30 for an average month
and hoped for the hibernating entries to reappear and not shun
nothing happened though, the “lost but still on file” would not display
alas, I have to await for my geek son’s help, to my dismay

the “lost” august entry “lunch obladi oblada” was re-logged
looks like i’ll have to repost “vergangenheitsbewaltigung” as october’s blog

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Oct '06

my brew bayou

it feels so sad she’s losing her mind
she’s so lonesome all the time
since she left the lodge behind
on blue bayou

saved her nickels, saved her dimes
she tried to cope till the sun don’t shine
looking forward to happier times
but not that blue bayou

she’s going back someday
come what may
to a different bayou

where the folks are fine
a better world to recline
on her brew bayou

where those fishing boats
with their sails afloat
if she could only see

that familiar sunrise
through sleepy eyes
how happy she’d be

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