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Jan '07

cold slaw

caramba, mama mia
the weather turned an icy sangria
what have we done to our earth
the hole in the sky has expanded its girth
hot gets hotter, cold gets colder
drought, hurricanes, tsunamis get bolder

back july20 entry it was hot tamales
now it’s frozen chilly-con-carne glaze
brrr-fect excuse not to outdoor blaze
bury oneself in poncho, blast heater and baste

look what they’ve done to my song, ma
look what they’ve done to my gong, pa
the weather’s turning out all wrong, earth ta-ta
annie hall goes ladida, ladida, ladida

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Jan '07


the new year rung
tehillim praises to be sung
to be thankful for years survived
each new day accorded and arrived

each accorded 24 hour day, no more no less
how shall one choose to spend it and address
will one seek to bless and others to caress
or shall we choose to harass and dwell in stress

sweet dreams are made of this
who am i to disagree
i travel the world and the seven seas
everybody has their eurythmic appetites to please


some of them want to use u
some of them want to get used by u
some of them want to abuse u
some of them want to be abused


i need Him to worry so i’m alright
i let Him tell me it’s time to go home
i have to care what i say cos’ this is His life
He’s in control of my life, so i’m never alone

He offered all of us a second chance
i never said i was a victim of circumstance
i still belong
don’t get me wrong
u can speak your mind
but not on His time
as i am steward of His will for me sublime
do every act of your life as if it were your last, marcus aurelis chimed
but seek His wisdom, don’t nickel and dime nor slide into slime

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