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Feb '07

slip slidin’ away

yesterday was a day of reckoning
go, go, go with engine perpetually revving
unfettered by a dismal, rainy day
we went to san mateo to check out kay
selling olive oil at “home and garden” display

parked the car and walked towards the main exhibit hall
mud on the tarmac was awaiting moi to slip and fall
the tailbone took the impact and sent a reverberating shock
dispensing the agony, i regained my stance, pain to block

muttering that i am ok, visions evaporated as i tried to walk with clout
in a nanosecond tizzy, i lost all control and passed flat out
now nursing whiplash, sore back, head and butt
spent today writing audit workpapers to get out of the rut

gleaned lesson learned
as more haste, speed to spurn


slip slidin’ away
slip slidin’ away
u know the nearer the destination
the more you’re slip slidin’ away

God only knows
God makes His plans
the information is unavailable
to the mortal man
we work our jobs
collect our pay
believe we’re gliding down the highway
when in fact we’re slip slidin away

yea, need to slow down, been moving too fast
gotta make the morning last
take care kicking down the cobblestones
when looking for fun and feeling groovy

got Thy deeds still to do
got Thy promises to keep
now dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep
let the morning time drop all its petals on me
life and Lord i love u
all is groovy

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Feb '07

kool knits

a neat-knit opportunity presented to taipan and me today
at santa clara annual “stitches” convention, vendors to play
store 1130, with nico peddling olive oil from bistro blends
hawking amidst bewildering array of yarns, knit-knacks of strands

i stand amazed at the unlimited creative ways
what u could knit, crochet, felt, stitch, to while and graze
can be an addictive soothing trance to get into
churning out shawls, sweaters, mufflers, caps, whatever u want to do

select colors, textural media, stitches, paraphernalia size to permutate
all kinds of ware designs, art u can weave and create
pick a comfortable corner to purr and curl
sit knit beat, yarn over, slip a clover, purl
therapeutic needles and slinky skeins twirl
colors blur, lost in thought and minutes swirl

reviving knitting, crochet and tatting attempts of past
paper bead curtains, plastic drinking straw braided bags aghast
potato-printing, tie and dye experiments, what a blast
art&craft moments to cherish everlast

now i knit instead with a kaleidoscope of words
shaped by experiences, pop songs spurts
spurred by real emotions and events
real human and divine contents

now kteh with tina turner crooning
if u come down to the river
i bet u gonna find some people who live
u don’t have to worry if u got no money
people on the river are happy to give
rolling, rolling, rolling on the river

he got no shoeshine, He got crystal ball
he got monkey finger, He saves us all
He says “i know u but u don’t want to know me”
one thing i can tell u is u got to be free

come together, right now
over to Him

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Feb '07

deux dynamique davids


at flint center tonight, mesmerized by david copperfield slick tricks
how apt, an outpouring of america’s lyrical magie in my head clicks

i never believed in things that i couldn’t see
i said if i can’t feel it then how can it be
here is david that encompasses 2 life precepts
how we filter with our mental biceps

one – u can do magic,
u can have anything that u desire
magic, u know
you’re the one who can put out the fire

two – a sublimal admission
that life’s a bubble of our own illusion

then there’s warrior and psalmist david and his magic solution
who in deepest depths and soaring heights turned to heavens for collusion
struck in awe by the magic of his Maker
yet in a fallible moment, seduced bathsheba and became a wife-taker

u know darn well
when u cast your spell
u will get your way
when u hypnotize with your eyes
a heart of stone can turn to day


can be tragic

thanks again lee for the tix
hope you’re enjoying cancun with the kidz
reporting back we could not find
david of the rabbit kind
so u got your wish my dear
tada, copperfield made coelho disappear!

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Feb '07

kong hei fatt choy


“congrats for striking it rich”, its meaning wry
mandarin pinyin, gong xi fa cai
fukien, keong hee huat chye
cantonese kong hei fatt choy
marking family reunions this annual lunar time of joy
the asian version of thanksgiving ploy

for vietnamese, it’s tet nguyen dan celebration time
for koreans, seol-nal festivities chime
and among cambodian hmongs, it’s xyoo tshiab month-long sublime
another year, the ladder of “success” and all things good to climb

a time of special good treats
a time of firecrackers amidst lion dance drum beats
to brush away stale luck, crush out harsh realities
usher in instead new hope and prosperities

for me, i have all i need
reminding myself in His divine wisdom to always take heed
He controls the stars and moon afterall, so in Him i depend on to succeed
and when i stray from Him, I will surely bleed from misdeed

so whether year past of dog or current year of golden pig
there’s really no need for horoscope fate to rig
what’s more important is living out His will to meet
a life of service which includes washing of each other’s feet

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Feb '07

don’t make light of choices

today’s sermon harshly voices
dwell in the light vs in darkness choices
john hannerman’s “hard words for hard hearts” spark
sourced from isaiah6 sync’d with john12 truths bark

v46 john 12 declares brightly that He has come into the world as a light
the logos goes, if one believes in Him, shouldn’t in darkness delight
u see, He did not come to judge the world but to save it, v47 declares
v48 blares a Judge at the last day for those denying the truths He bares

http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/a/m/a/amazing_grace.htm to another john newton link
to spark off other dots to blink and think

amazing grace! how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
i once was lost, but now am found
was blind, but now i see

how befitting with bill and grace our earthly hunger smite
after service, with tim sum bites at canton delight!

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Feb '07

eat your peas

another driving moment today to relay
the Potter via david jeremiah moulding my clay
illustrating the story of joseph, life lessons to display
serving 4 peas of truth on my learning tray

the power of envy shows evil at play
when joseph’s brothers threw pa jacob’s favorite son into the pit clay
little did they know the consequences of that fateful day
after 22 years, they will bow down before joseph to their dismay

the pretense of morality to rationalize away their jealous act
put lamb’s blood instead on his colorful cloak and hide in pseudo, pious pact
we’re doing joseph a favor selling him as a slave and not killing him
there are greater sinners than us, the brothers beamed

not fearing the price paid, the penalty of sin
just tell pa a little lie and get rid of our kin
how often we take fate into our own hands
not knowing it’s all but shifting sands

ah, the last truth imparted – God’s plan 4 joseph, the sweetest truth of it all
the providence of God, He has a good plan 4 us if only Him we trust and call
saved joseph and guaranteed to save ourselves from nasty falls
voila, simple free truth, there is no need to shop in fancy malls

Feb '07


today is the 10th invitation for dorman followwill
to the pbcc congregation, biblical wisdom to spill
while at Mt Hermon, pbcc men retreat instead of superbowl time to kill
dorman OT breezed, through 10 plagues, 10 commandments, through God’s Hisstory and will
through proverbs, poetry, prophets major and minor, to 3 themes distill

first theme deals with the primacy of God that begins it all
v1 genesis “in the beginning, God created heaven and earth”, traversing through man’s rise and fall
second theme has to do with God’s promise of salvation and redemption call
third theme, His presence permeates with His people to withstand dark times, to stand still and tall
o-Omega, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, to be revered by us all

recalling my 10s-10m-10h to frame with these 3p’s when life stalls
when i hit a wall
whatever life throws at me, i won’t appall
with Him on my side, i can take it all
and have a ball

this valentine homily to my bi-weekly tuesday family
in honor especially to teachers lauri, lisa and emily

don’t know much about history
don’t know much about biology
don’t know much about bible books
don’t know much about the esl i took
but i do know that we all love Him
and i do know if we share His love with others too

what a wonderful world it would be
st. augustine’s ammor magnus doctor est

Feb '07

take 5, life2dive

it’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside
i’m not one of those, who can easily hide
don’t have much title, but if i do
i’ll make you my grand poobah of dreams come true

dearest mj, my favorite dj
so tireless in giving encouragement ray
u took me down a detour, to the woods of distant goal
touched my heart, played with my mind, filled my soul
a tough mare gently leading an unfocussed foal

we’re galloping way ahead of atw mentoring fold
on doit revenir a nos moutons and attend to other pieces of gold
chapter 3 of our journal filled with deliverables for sk to aspire
i suggest we meet end of february to further idi conspire
allow time for our engines to respire and others inspire
you’re awesome mj, a mentor i’ll forever cherish and admire

life is like a cup of coffee, so goes the story expresso
about some alums who went to visit their dear professor
now established in their careers and prominence grew
conversation soon turn to complaints about work and life stress brew

the prof came out of the kitchen with a large pot of coffee, his guests to offer
armed with an assortment of cups – porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal coffer
some ordinary-looking, some expensive, some exquisite topper
help yourselves with the coffee, he proffered

when all the students had a cup of coffee in their hands, he exclaimed
notice all the nice-looking, expensive cups in your hands proclaimed
left behind, the plain and cheap-looking cups laid unclaimed

’tis only normal for you to want the best for yourselves
but alas, that is where the source of problems and stress dwells

what u really wanted was coffee, not the cup
u unconsciously went for the best cup to sup
worse, u were eyeing each other’s cup to covet
typical earthly behavior we naturally rivet

now if life is coffee, then the jobs, money and position are the cups
just tools to hold and contain life, like tubs he rubs
but the quality of life doesn’t change one bit
u see, by concentrating on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee in it

so folks don’t let the cups drive you is the moral imparted
enjoy the coffee instead, and with that wisdom, he departed

if i were a sculptor, but then again, no
or a man who makes potions, in a travelling show
i know it’s not much but it’s the best i can do
my gift is my song, and this one’s for u

i hope u don’t mind that i put down in words
how wonderful life is while you’re in this world

it’s the lingo of our authentic self, u can be whatever u want to be
it’s that simple, u see

it’s only words, and words are all i have
to take our hearts away