RAMs and ROMs: real events and divine contents

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May '07


it’s hard to fathom
what agitates the atom
of toxic provocation
that invokes negative reaction
that insinuates ill emotion
sparking further commotion

many journey permutations
why apprehensions instead of comprehensions
why tensions instead of gentle affections
why misjudgements instead of being a part of solutions
age old human condition through generations

u get out of life what u put in
what u inflict on others, u inflict within

carly says “eat your own dog food”
could taste bad, could be good

thoughts become words
words become action spurts

actions become habits
habits become lifestyle beats
lifestyle becomes destiny blitz, glitz or the pits

romans 12:2 rings
hope it brings
of this world, be not conformed
instead, be ye transformed

by the renewing of soul, heart and mind
divine life purpose to find
living in His peace with all human kind

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May '07


matt grad
matt is graduating
the clan is coming

time to clean and rid of crut
shop new clothes, get out of rut
devour a nice meal, get a haircut

another year clocked
did we learn to rock?
opened door when opportunity knocks?
removed road blocks?

hippy wishes to us
celebration to immerse
thus flowed the verse
another year to nurse

taipan culinary treat never fails on this day
a to-die-for meal his love to spray

starting out with 2 mango smoothies spiked with margarita mix and a dab of his limoncella
set your throat and appetite on fire, a hella bella

first course was foie gras avec sauce de frambroise et monbazillac “sauterne”
ensuite, ravioli stuffed con pollo in buttery salvia con tartufi olive oil churned

downed with rheingau riesling
then chomped on sweet white corn glistening

with outta-this-world bbq ribs
a vegetarian no longer be when taipan’s ribs hit your lips

oh think twice
it’s another day for u and me in paradise

oh be nice
goodwill to entice
u and me to skate on ice
of men and mice

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