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Sep '07

decision incisions

radio waves reaching my ears as i drive
ron mehl’s message on decision-making for fulfilling life
timely template as i contemplate
the intersections in hr woods to bake and take
for the decisions today i make
will affect me and others in future i now create
choose wisely for goodness sake

first, consider the future
4 simple questions to suture
– is it biblical, as what-not-to-do crystallizes what-to-do
– is it necessary, don’t go there if no need to
– is it the best choice given your position of influence
more influence means more eyes watching confluence
– is it wisely thought-through for positive congruence

second, consider God, hmm- that’s a thought
it’s free given to all, u’ve been bought and sought
harmony reigns when u let Him have His way
jeremiah 18:6 let Him be Potter, i be the clay
why subject to divine authority, ron surmises
to keep u from hurting yourself, others – avoid wasteful, nasty surprises

third, consider others for we are all connected
your actions ripple to family, friends, colleagues – community gets affected

fourth, consider your growth
only 1-life-to-live on planet earth
will it be meaningful dearth
full of mirth?

alright, last but not least
u have to decide whether or not to handle the beast

which way you goin’ billy?
can I go too?
which way you goin’ billy?
can I go with u?

which way you going, billy?
or need I ask?
cause u don’t want me, billy
u’re free to choose till final dusk

I won’t forget u, billy
for all your life
I’ll always love u, billy
I’ll stay through all your strife

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Sep '07


2 kinds of vertigo experienced yesterday
one – physical, oxygen-starved spinning sway
while squeezing 1 more email send
before rushing to a meeting attend

the other – spiritual oxygen infusion kind
blest be the ties that bind
in my morning drive with 770 david jeremiah
how2 prime-the-prayer-pump, matthew 6:9-13 guide on fire

begin with praise to our heavenly Father, calling on His hallowed name
prioritize His will, bring His kingdom heaven down to earth in life reign

depend on Him for daily bread provision, He knows exactly what u need when
pray4personal relationships, forgiving our debtors, get right with others be4 right with Candyman can

pray4protection, lead us away from temptation and deliver us from evil
otherwise fall folly to frustration, fatigue and failure swivel

exchange mortal attempts with supernaturally controlled life to seal
end with praise for His kingdom, power, glory forever – amen of prayer meal

so, my darling, please surrender
all your love so warm and tender
let Him hold u in His arms, dear
while the moon shines bright above


all the stars will tell the story
of His love and all its glory

be His forever
be His tonight

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Sep '07

chup-goh meh 十五暝 mid-autumn festival 中秋节

15 is “chup-goh” in hokkien
“meh” means night
in 28-day lunar cycle, 15th = moon at fullness might
basis of 2 kinds of moonlight-festival event

one around 15th and final day of the lunar chinese new year
other is mid-autumn festival celebrating the harvest with chinois cheer
marked by mooncakes and colorful lanterns glowing in the dark
around the world similar harvest festivals mark


in korea, a 3-day chu suk festival
in vietnam, tet trung thu is their carnival
in japan, tsukimi to mark harvest bounty arrival
http://www.everythingesl.net/lessons/harvest_festivals_around_world_79423.php go travel

grew up singing this rap
in penang, carrying candle-lit red cellophane lanterns

framed fish, dragon, rabbit, butterfly patterns
here goes in hokkien wrap


chup goh meh

hoay kim cheh fireflies
jiah loo eh koowa lai chiak teh invite fellowmen to drink tea

teh siuo siuo tea, hot-hot
kia law ki bay geen jiuo walk to buy banana
geen jiuo bay ki peh forgot to peel banana
kia law ki bay chekh walk to buy book
chekh bay ki thuck forgot to read book
kia law ki bay buck walk to buy stone sharpener

buck bay ki bua forgot to sharpen
kia law ki bay chua walk to buy snake
chua bay ki liak forgot to capture snake
kia law ki bay ka-kiak walk to buy clogs
ka-kiak bay ki cheng forgot to wear clogs
kia law ki bay ka leng walk to buy mynah bird

ka leng kong, ka leng poh male mynah, female mynah
jiah loo eh koowa lai tchit toh invite fellowmen to play
tchit toh eiah play with coconut
chiak kam cheah eat sugar cane
kam cheah tee sugar cane is sweet
chiak lai chee eat lichee

lai chee pong lichee is puffed
chiak tombong eat heart of coconut
tombong pekh heart of coconut is white
chiak kelinga teh teh eat indian’s nipple!

Sep '07

lewy bodies

u learn some thing new everyday
dinner with angie rendered learning my way
about lewy body disease being 2nd to alzheimer’s disease
on list of dementia causes, per “edmonton journal” news release
dementia being impaired thinking, mental confusion and memory amiss

lewy bodies are blobs of peculiar inclusions found in infected brain cells
manifesting signs of dementia plus unique characteristics, neurologist doctor lewy tells
patients’ mental confusion and memory deficits can clear for a time
but they always sink back into dementia’s confusion slime

they frequently suffer from visual hallucinations, seeing things that aren’t there
and for an inordinate amount of time into seeming emptiness glare and stare
daytime drowsiness aka sleepiness commonly incur
disturbing nightmares in the early stages of sleep habitually recur
also suffering similar parkinson’s symptoms such as hand tremor

~60-to-75% of diagnosed dementias are of the alzheimer’s and mixed type
10-to-15% are lewy bodies type, per wiki hype
no medicine cures lewy body disease
only pills4symptoms temporary relief, eg clonazepam nightmares to decrease

we can send man to moon
but no breakthru cure yet for alzheimer’s, lewy, parkinson’s to swoon

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said the little Lamb to the weary soul
do u hear what i hear
ivories ringing through air, I haven’t forgotten My foal
do u hear what i hear

a song, a song
high on lynnwood second floor
o the saints are marching to my door
strains of bonnie over the ocean adore

o where have u been, billy boy charm
just as i am, o Lamb of God i come


lips began to move
words appear as music notes soothe
heads nod, smiles break out
walderee, walderah about
with my knapsack on my back
dim souls re-lit, wake up memory attack

once upon a time i was falling in love
but now i’m only falling apart
turnaround, every now and then i become a restless dove
and i dream of something wild, total eclipse of the mind and heart

once upon a time there was light in my life
but now there’s only love in the dark
nothing i can say, spare an intermittent mind spark
a total eclipse of the heart and my life fragments fly

where have all the flowers gone?
long time passing…
the answer my friend
is blowing in the wind

the answer is blowing in the wind

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Sep '07

being there

how did i get here, recall is rare
my memory is bare
what did i past dare?
what pages do i tear?
does anyone care?
now my soul projects scare

waiting room

scenes in the waiting room
eyes glazed of nostalgic gloom
where’s my groom
where’s the rose bloom

what we are thinking
what we are feeling
what we are seeing
what we are processing
no one knows
it comes and goes

what’s real, u can’t comprehend
what’s experienced, i can’t pretend
dunk mashed potatoes in chocolate mix
string beans on pudding seems an obvious fix

color my grey faded lens
see the slithering snakes in oily dens
folding napkins is therapeutic
wailing and tantrum fits, attention to kick

if u touch me, you’ll understand what happiness is
ooh, pure heart bliss
another new day to turn a page
when will soul rest from life rage?

being there

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Sep '07


so much has transpired
since entering hr world aspired
so many mixed moments respired
some perspired, some inspired


from sorting donated sunsystems supplies at r.a.f.t.
to living in various communities, relationships and ideas to craft
from juggling balls of interesting shapes and color
to constantly reconfiguring the kaleidoscope parlor

mama’s breakfast, swan oyster depot, basque cultural center, cuisine to partake
“blues in the night” in sf theater for decompression sake
last night, “emma” in mountain view to intake
meanwhile email hell takes the cake
commitments to bake, not to break
fellowship discovered and raked

from santana row wahoo taco’s mixed with jazz
to annual intercon at cuesta, ties renewed razzmatazz
from design4delight wallet exercise at fairmont
to climbing cable cars to westin for inspire07 taunt

incredible life journeys in hr allhands, trainings, asian panels, survivor yul kwon seen
how others become what they are, where they’ve been
such rich input, so what can it mean, what to glean
some days confident and bright hope
some days in confusion mope

to be or not to be
constant morphing me

in the end
what will to bend
answer revealed below append

one evening driving home, hit by a gong
a bright big vermillion sun low on the horizon
sparked my rendition of beatles song

one day you’ll find
that i have gone
but tomorrow may rain,
so i’ll follow the Son


Sep '07

chucky cheese

a cheery cheesy wish
from this cheesy rap dish

hippy thots and love to chuck
this blog to celebrate and cluck
someone special who never passes the buck

never too old, jamais too late to dream
your passion to fill to brim and scream
u’ve given your all, you’ve given alot
now and tomorrow, enjoy what u got


birthday bell
to treat yourself well
to reap your harvest
what u’ve sowed, dreams to blast

for as prior awakening tale told
life is not making a living but living life bold

the road may be short, may be long
make your path, u ain’t heavy, u’re my bruder strong

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