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Aug '08

stop! relieve2relive

in honor of mj and goizueta may
precious indeed their insightful say
title reflecting their wisdom combo
stop – know when weeds to mow
relish fruits reaped, new life plans to sow

week one, catharsis clout
a bygone past tossing bout
minimalism to tout
now a tad lighter
more manageable clutter
please-release-me mutter

soak in rest
blest comforts of nest
before, only non-work hours enjoyed at best
now 24×7 passion let loose fest
live2work to detest
conserve energy to climb to life crest
get2know and drive taipan crazy test
with supreme zest

before you break your heart
stop! in the name of love
before you break His heart
think it over
think it over

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Aug '08


be careful what u wish
so here i find myself in that delectable time dish
so what do i feel
how am i to deal

on drive back home yesterday
r.kelly lyrics on radio played

i believe i can fly
i believe i can touch the sky
i think about it every night and day
spread my wings and fly away
i believe i can soar
i see me running through that open door
i believe i can fly

so first things first
after 6 hours of at&t frustration burst,
last night cleansing, housekept space
to be sanctuary of daily daze
to explore possibilities in His grace
at what to reap in this phase

so new routine set
for starters new wisdom to get
empty tummy, java jolt to fill
empty head, hone in sudoku skill
empty heart, spirit to still
soak in divine compass for day’s energy to spill

pinged by jeremiah 29:11
via charles stanley from heaven
“for I know the plans I have for u…
plans to prosper u and not to harm u, to give u
a future and a hope”, what a great starting cue

jeremiah was a bullfrog
was good friend of mine
i drink of His wine
His wine is always mighty fine
that gets me singing
joy to the world
all the boys and girls
joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea
and joy to u and me

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Aug '08

joie de vivre

this song is dedicated to a beautiful person i just met
searching joie de vivre i am sure she’ll get
on a journey now, for right work2live goals to set
which places to go to place her bet

d’accord, par robert’s dictionnaire
joie de vivre is extraordinaire
une “sentiment exaltant ressenti par toute la conscience”
ie “involves one’s whole being” in seance

i wish her a love match
the beauties of life to enjoy and catch
just imagine a tennis game in intense zest
keep eye on ball and play your best
leave to Seigneur for the rest

le joie de vivre est comme la bonne aventure

artist robert delauney’s “rhythm – joie de vivre”

je suis un petit poupon de bonne figure
qui aime bien les bonbons et les confitures
si vous voulez m’endonner
je saurai bien les manger

je serai sage et bien bon
pour plaire a ma mere
je saurai bein ma lecon
pour plaire a mon pere
je veux bien les contenter
et, s’ils veulent m’embrasser

la bonne aventure
oh! gai!
la bonne aventure

Aug '08

chinese box

stumbled on to “chinese box” a 1997 movie
starring jeremy irons and gong li
written by wayne wang and titled aptly

like matryoshka dolls

the film peels the layered facets as each character in life’s labyrinth falls
against looming uncertainty, societal rules vs love vs harsh reality calls
movie backdrop setting in hong kong at time of handover triggered recalls
our 4 years there of life’s compartmentalized exhilirating peaks, vales and gnarly knolls

source: wiki – hong kong skyline from victoria peak

recalling also vignette on “boxes and boxing” in my chronicle of love bytes
sharing here following hindsights

“as their journey together progresses
each found a way to organize life’s stresses
putting things in various boxes
getting in and out, closing and some case, tosses

as with boxes when one is trapped
boxing is a natural way out of the crap
redefinitions heaved upon each other
like feathers and clutter
they smother”

inspired by mama howard’s aversion to trap boxes
chiming in my head as boat of life tosses
and inevitably this malvina reynolds song surfaces

little boxes on the hillside
little boxes made of ticky-tacky
little boxes, little boxes
little boxes, all the same
there’s a green one and a pink one
and a blue one and a yellow one
and they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
and they all look just the same

and the people in the houses
all go to the university
and they all get put in boxes
little boxes, all the same
and there’s doctors and there’s lawyers
and business executives
and they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
and they all look just the same

and they all play on the golf-course,
and drink their martini dry
and they all have pretty children
and the children go to school
and the children go to summer camp
and then to the university
and they all get put in boxes
and they all come out the same

and the boys go into business
and marry, and raise a family
and they all get put in boxes
little boxes, all the same
there’s a green one and a pink one
and a blue one and a yellow one
and they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
and they all look just the same

i beg to differ
we have a choice to go counterherd and listen deeper
to our unique drumbeat and not have the world gongs drown it out
isn’t that what designing a meaningful life is about?

our Creator made us each unique
psalm 32:8 says so slick
the Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.” to get in and out of ticky-tacky boxes and strife…

all above sentiments captured also in this shot
in prague’s marketplace, where i found little bohemian boxes though unbought

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Aug '08


in sync with spirit of beijing olympics
i swam 88 lengths at rinconada for kicks
it felt good
to be in endorphin mood
new routine to brood
best is yet to come understood

88 strong strokes hit the counter point
while a 110 stretches the loins joint
i love the rhythmic breath intakes and the bubbles made
in sync with bobbing movements of my head

lap swimming
and life maneuvering
is alot like dirty dancing

as i was driving back
96.5 was aptly playing the theme song track

now i’ve had the time of my life
no I never felt this way before
yes i swear it’s the truth
and i owe it all to U

’cause i’ve had the time of my life
and i’ve searched through every open door
’till i found the Truth
and i owe it all to U

so we’ll just let it go
don’t be afraid to lose control….

recalling earlier april entry
eshet hayil divine dancing decree

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Aug '08

royal flush

flush, all day on the butt
colonoscopy prep, induced rut
flush out colon of crut
this is nuts
grates and takes guts

joan baez crooning
all my trials Lord, soon be over

flush of contacts today
via linked-in way
new and reunited
long-lost friendships re-ignited

flush release
when sliding on next venture grease
time to sign new lease
passion to please
hearts and minds to tease

as i connect them flushes
excitement rushes
best-is-yet-to-come crushes

flush of fresh dare
intake of collusive care
once again my soul to bare
new cross to bear
relishing His fare

the cheeks blush
as i await from above the royal plush
to gain entry into gates of pastures lush
meanwhile in-transit mush

leaning on His truss
“and it shall come to pass”….
a phrase 120 times immersion
in king james bible version

the river of jordan is muddy and cold
well it chills the body but not the soul.
all my trials Lord soon be over

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Aug '08

i say tomayto, u say tomahto

farmer lalo fallows
harvested these heirloom fellows

me sings, summer breeze makes me feel fine
going through the tomatoes of my mind

symbolic of perennial useless arguments, so are u fruit or a veg
if imported veg, per 1833 tariff act, 10% tax revenue fetch
ah semantics, defying definitions and relative truths war gong song
symbolic of life’s endless conflicts, matters of “my truth is right and yours is wrong”

me thinks about when i experiment fun and envelope push
the potential of my face getting tomato moosh
falling down on my tush

growing up as a kid, i spurned the taste of tomatoes
nor did i care much about potatoes
but now, i relish tomato slices with bufalo cheese slices
and oh my my, bruschetta certainly entices
and ahhhhh…picante salsa my tastebuds tantalizes
so see – how time and circumstance dices and splices
from despises to desired delectable spices

now i would even pop them cherry tomatoes for snack attacks
bursting with nutrients, the solanum lycopersicum smacks

think also about how u can stuff tomatoes with stuff up to snuff
mozarella, crumbs, nuts, pesto, chanterelles, corn, just off the cuff
reminiscent of us with tendency to clutter our lives not needing cluttering and buttering
yes, less can be more, hollow but full with feeling filling – life’s paradoxes are befuddling

last but not least, tomato i have become at this stage of life
plump, juicy and succulent full of learnings and oozing nutrients from strife

lookie what i did with our heirloom tomatoes, creative juices burst
do tilework with zucchini for jk’s 21st

jk who came to life because farmer lalo met moi
that resulted also this silly blog patois
u say “potato,” i say “patattah”
u say “tomahto”, i say “creole tomayta”

o, let’s call the whole thing off

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