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Mar '09

codo mojo

just learnt spanish word codo = elbow
lots of elbow room here to mow

much transpired
much perspired
since last i wrote
rode rococo-rock road
singing, la…la-la-la-la-la

met nan again at rinconada park before my dip
said she’s heading for cubberley for a shower blip
told her to finish her lunch of carrots while i lapped
then chaffeured her to cubberley for free tab tap

while waiting for master’s program to empty lanes and wrap up
a conversation with carol the coach, swim techniques to sup
she saw me swim the first lap, my lazy “codo” caught
lift up that elbow, hand in water first, she freely taught

so i tried to unlaze
suddenly, it got more tiring
than garbage yardage retiring

after helping nan transport her 4 bags plus luggage
and after jk moved out, i got in the mood to junk garbage
lurking in shelves, closets, boxes, stashed in old bags
gathering dust like old hags

codo now greased
filed returns to uncle sam for refund please
cleaned out life spam
magazines, old statements, receipts shredded and torn
clothes weathered and new unworn
things thought we would use, we could have sworn

then elbowed my way to fun
get recreation after the run
make time to party-hardy with flair

p1050789-1 first purim debut as moroccan and taipan french legionnaire

had tea at crown and crumpets salon cc_logo in ghiradelli square
to relish inĀ persuasion “persuasion” insights unveiled by prof cozzens, an opp rare

interviewed at starbucks a harker college applicant to emory
sauntering before and after to dalehurst koffee klatch at peet’s across starbucks in a hurry
saw “music man” performed by peninsula youth theater in mountain view
did shoreline wonderful wednesday walkie-talkie with wwwbuddy long overdue

discovered life tucked in emerald hills
a community up winding slopes from redwood city with views from window sills
added more alumni activity thrills
processing hp alums to various network tills
good thing no association dues-bills

elbow discovered a band called elbow
lifted lyrics from “any day now
that raised my brow

“got a lot of spare time
some of my youth and all of my senses on overdrive
don’t play coltrane you will sleep at the wheel
eyes on-horizon, don’t sleep at the wheel…”

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