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Jul '09

chewbacca 84

goodness 11 months unbridled marches on
july is almost gone

wednesday is crescendo peak of my week
starts with pbcc international group crowd to seek

followed either by shoreline walk and lunch
or rinconada water punch
then sit down emails and volunteer matters to crunch
before i know it, taipan’s culinary dinner delights to feast and munch

hubble-6 http://hubblesite.org/  permission granted

but today -something special- the stars had in store
with grace selecting for sharing, verses 5-7 in psalm 84
let ramrom unfold and tell u more

5 blessed are those whose strength is in You,
who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.

6 as they pass through the valley of baca,
they make it a place of springs;
the autumn rains also cover it with pools.

7 they go from strength to strength,
till each appears before God in Zion.

there was discuss and sharing around verbs of “set” ,  “decided” ,  aka choosing
choosing to bless, choosing to heal, choosing to get out of pity party of own choosing for losing
recalling 2006 asilomar retreat lessons of moving from peacekeeper to peacemaker
choosing to let go, surrender to higher power to resolve, reconcile, and takeover

baca is hebrew for weeping, tears
ironically, baca is dry from clogged fears and lacking cheers
till we choose to make it a place of springs of divine drools
along with heavenly showers converting arid baca to valley of refreshing pools
to float and wade through tribulations from strengh to strength
till earthly journey ends and afterlife track starts before God in Zion at eternal length

priceless sharings poured out from our spouts
i priced the sharing, so symbolically swam today 84 routes
lots to chew on
timely light shone
133310__chewbacca_l source

God didn’t mean for chewbacca to travel solo forlorn…

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Jul '09

abel to wouk the talk

herman_wouk source: wiki

cyber-surfing led me to a pulitzer-prize winning herman wouk
his “write a page a day..it will add up” quote
my mind awoke with that spoke
crossing 200 entries mark, ramrom  record just broke

a wellspring sprung by pbcc bernard’s abel epiphany
set me reconnecting reconfigured pieces of reflections litany

250px-ghent_altarpiece_a_-_cain_-_abel_-_murder ghent altarpiece detail –  source: wiki

abel’s life was cut short, slain by cain
with enoch, it was God to retrieve and gain
however with noah, others died, whether avenged, revenged, or in vain

a stark “everyone dies but not everyone lives”,  what sane bane
bernard resurrecting the purpose of our mortal life pain
those who keep the faith, whether martyrs or with sin stain

i was entertaining my spirit on the piano with old  hymns of past
eureka blast of journey paths was cast

fueled by a youth group in action with bay area interfaith org
bingo, i spot how a win-win of ymai with senior center can be forged
in addition to a “90-day deadline to publish” blind courage lodged

fueled by taipan’s “como agua  para chocolate” lunch outpouring
home-baked beans, belgian beer, blutwurst and hollandaise sauce over eggs on toast zing


ramrom singing
we have a love, a love you don’t find everyday
followed by david cook’s “this is the time of my life” as i compose this, 96.5 fm radio waves play
thank Heavens, lurking dragons to slay

crooning along with mariah carey
who knows what miracle
u can achieve
when u believe

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Jul '09

by george, we got it!

ramrom is musing
with these lyrics singing

it only takes a spark to get the fire going
and soon all those around
can warm up in its glowing

took swee from rome
a trip to hometown roam
a connects b
b connects c
c connects d
and e-f-g, o gee

soon  n2334270930_5099 class74 network gets busy
then came a tsunami of emails across the seas

cyberspace is wide expanse
but arghh, there lurks better sense
to unite and park lost&found memories in one place
and ride the tsunami together with mellowing feisty grace

so our rendition of georgygirl  mv5bmtyxnte1ndc3of5bml5banbnxkftztcwotkwmdazmq_v1_sx96_sy140_ got birthed
filled with great hope and mirth
to harness the special talents we once were and now wear
our dreams to share
our unique souls to comingle and bare
what collective purpose shall we seek and care to bear?
we have no time to sit and stare
let’s rock the world while we have plenty to spare

hey there, georgy girl
there’s another georgy deep inside
bring out all the love u hide
and oh, what a change there’d be
the world would see
a new georgy girl!

with a purpose larger than us to make the world better, i dare
by george, we got it,
the rain does fall mainly in the plain
a nice dilemma, i do declare…

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Jul '09

27 raisons in the sun

still crazy after all these years…
27th milestone cheers!

there must be 27 ways not to leave your lover
27 reasons to hang on to the 4-leaf clover

1.    for we’re destined God’s gift and blessing to each other
2.    for together, we can travel further

3.    for great eats to snare and share
4.    for lows along with highs to bear

5.    for fresh-brewed expresso 27 years straight
6.    for home-cooked meals our tummies to satiate

7.    for as complementary opposites, we opened up more options
8.    for mustering only the “best” decisions

9.    for cautious caring – yea, don’t mess with his date
10.  for 24×7 consistency and loyalty, but don’t u be late

11.   cos’ we can’t get there alone
12.   cos’ you’re shrewd to the bone

13.   cos’ we can count on u to raise jk right
14.   cos’ we can agree to disagree in a fair fight

15.   cos’ we harmonize more than we terrorize
16.   cos’ you’re the responsible surprise and prize

17.   cos’ without your touch, the garden won’t bloom
18.   cos’ the grass gets cut and weeds are doom

19.   cos’ bills somehow get paid
20.   cos’ things get done without words being said

21.   so we have to stay stuck, together we cluck
22.   so we depend on each other to increase our buck

23.   so we can better live out our callings and dream
24.   so we can fill and overflow life’s brim

25.   so we can extend blessings and give to others more
26.   so we can divine purpose together soar

27.   so looking forward to new chapters to score and roar…

so, join ramrom to celebrate and positively brood
let our souls sync and sing in marley mood

june-8-essaouira-night-024r-blog bob marley spotted in essaouira, morocco

i wanna love u and treat you right
i wanna love u every day and every night
we’ll be together with a roof right over our heads
we’ll share the shelter of my single bed
we’ll share the same room, yeah! – for Jah provide the bread
is this love – is this love – is this love
is this love that i’m feelin’?


one love, one heart
let’s get together and feel all right
as it was in the beginning (one love)
so shall it be in the end (one heart)
give thanks and praise to the Lord and we will feel all right
let’s get together and feel all right

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Jul '09

mizpah emoonah

squishing 2 hebrew words recently acquired
so ramrom researched and rewired

1 samuel 7 revealed “mizpah” this past sunday
used by brian morgan in context of imploring us to examine our idols to slay
mizpah, a place referenced in old testament, also meaning “watch”
idol choices made which our lives could botch
mizpah – an emotional bond between people who are separated
includes bonds that death serated
cross-ref’d in genesis 31:49 which quotes “may the LORD watch between u and me
when we are absent one from the other”, to protect us from temptations glee

today, i picked up “emoonah”, hebrew for “faith”, explicated by marcus borg
in his july 1 2009 article in  “explorefaith” dot org

faith in a greater power that watches over u
my synthesis of “mizpah emoonah” hue
to reflect upon one’s choice of life rudder and pew

200px-michael_jackson_and_president_bush_2_cropped source: wiki

how befitting, a michael jackson croon at time of composing over 96.5fm koit impact
“u and i must make a pact
we must bring salvation back
yes – where there is love”…and mizpah emoonah,
He’ll be there, i’ll bet my mullah

ramrom morphing dare to bare…
He’ll reach out His hand to u
u must have emoonah faith in Him in all u do
just call His name and He’ll be there…

He’s always there to comfort me and u
’tis wise to build one’s world of dreams around Him
i’m so glad that i found heavenly dew

He’ll be there to mizpah-protect u
with an unselfish love that respects u
just call His name and He’ll be there

mj, rock your soul in the bosom of abraham…..
God bless thee, u “suffered” in entertaining the whole world
rest in peace eternally, away from worldly twirl
away from earthly mayhem…

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