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May '09



finally reunited with our wine
unshackling ourselves to prune the vine
aging over 10 years in erwan’s cave
now we shall revel the last laugh
c’est ne pas grave

hey dude, don’t be afraid
to imbibe and good times raid
we have found nirvana and liberated the slave
now go and rave, no need to $ave
we took a little trip to st nazaire les eymes hometown 2009-europe-trip-012r-cheminducerf
first stop was de nardi’s boulangerie¬† for croissants golden brown
to accompany confitures de marie-francoise, don’t forget crispy crust baguette
a table aussi – mf’s homemade yogurt, le petit dejeuner is perfectly set

there was music playing everywhere
the music came from within my heart


how did it happen
how did it start
i only know that we fell in love
i guess the answer lies up above
and so we sing , yai yai yai, ya ya ya yai yai, of golden years a-teaming
and as we stomped through route national thorough-fare a-gleaming

it’s all coming back
montage of gastronomic livery attack
fond fine friends to re-tack
a sojourn yielding slack for bric-a-brac

go to grenoble market, pick up gourmet grub
fix rendang curry, partake melange of amuse-guele our stomach to rub
jambon persille, fromage de tete, moules, anchois et pied de porc
mingle them morsels with 1993 barbaresco to hit the spot
wok-fried courgets-carotte-chou bathed in garlic, taipan’s curry over basmati spiked our langues
soothed by roquefort, st marcellin and reblochon swivelling in aged nebbiolo, our tongues tingled and sung


finished meal with marie-francoise strawberry delight
oh, a stroll through bois de biviers lightened our stomachs to snooze well through the night
may19-007r-strawberry strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring
our summer wine is really made from all these things
take off your silver spurs and help us pass the time
and we will give to u summer wine
oooooooohhh summer wine

when i woke up the alpine sun was shining in my eyes
awaiting homemade pate, tripe, poulpe et cuisses de grenouilles to feast and prize
stay tuned for further emission of joyous sights and sighs
as we foray chemin de vie, unveiling truths and highs…

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