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Jul '09

mizpah emoonah

squishing 2 hebrew words recently acquired
so ramrom researched and rewired

1 samuel 7 revealed “mizpah” this past sunday
used by brian morgan in context of imploring us to examine our idols to slay
mizpah, a place referenced in old testament, also meaning “watch”
idol choices made which our lives could botch
mizpah – an emotional bond between people who are separated
includes bonds that death serated
cross-ref’d in genesis 31:49 which quotes “may the LORD watch between u and me
when we are absent one from the other”, to protect us from temptations glee

today, i picked up “emoonah”, hebrew for “faith”, explicated by marcus borg
in his july 1 2009 article inĀ  “explorefaith” dot org

faith in a greater power that watches over u
my synthesis of “mizpah emoonah” hue
to reflect upon one’s choice of life rudder and pew

200px-michael_jackson_and_president_bush_2_cropped source: wiki

how befitting, a michael jackson croon at time of composing over 96.5fm koit impact
“u and i must make a pact
we must bring salvation back
yes – where there is love”…and mizpah emoonah,
He’ll be there, i’ll bet my mullah

ramrom morphing dare to bare…
He’ll reach out His hand to u
u must have emoonah faith in Him in all u do
just call His name and He’ll be there…

He’s always there to comfort me and u
’tis wise to build one’s world of dreams around Him
i’m so glad that i found heavenly dew

He’ll be there to mizpah-protect u
with an unselfish love that respects u
just call His name and He’ll be there

mj, rock your soul in the bosom of abraham…..
God bless thee, u “suffered” in entertaining the whole world
rest in peace eternally, away from worldly twirl
away from earthly mayhem…

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