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Jul '09

abel to wouk the talk

herman_wouk source: wiki

cyber-surfing led me to a pulitzer-prize winning herman wouk
his “write a page a day..it will add up” quote
my mind awoke with that spoke
crossing 200 entries mark, ramrom  record just broke

a wellspring sprung by pbcc bernard’s abel epiphany
set me reconnecting reconfigured pieces of reflections litany

250px-ghent_altarpiece_a_-_cain_-_abel_-_murder ghent altarpiece detail –  source: wiki

abel’s life was cut short, slain by cain
with enoch, it was God to retrieve and gain
however with noah, others died, whether avenged, revenged, or in vain

a stark “everyone dies but not everyone lives”,  what sane bane
bernard resurrecting the purpose of our mortal life pain
those who keep the faith, whether martyrs or with sin stain

i was entertaining my spirit on the piano with old  hymns of past
eureka blast of journey paths was cast

fueled by a youth group in action with bay area interfaith org
bingo, i spot how a win-win of ymai with senior center can be forged
in addition to a “90-day deadline to publish” blind courage lodged

fueled by taipan’s “como agua  para chocolate” lunch outpouring
home-baked beans, belgian beer, blutwurst and hollandaise sauce over eggs on toast zing


ramrom singing
we have a love, a love you don’t find everyday
followed by david cook’s “this is the time of my life” as i compose this, 96.5 fm radio waves play
thank Heavens, lurking dragons to slay

crooning along with mariah carey
who knows what miracle
u can achieve
when u believe

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