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Aug '09

retro rip ribbit

what a weak-knee week
halted walks and swims, instead past connections to seek
fences with neighbors to fix
past bridges richard and kerry rebuilt over java fix, a 2 starbucks mix

it seems i am going retro
riding on current life metro
directing energies at activities that got me here
powering the cistern in reverse gear

a backward forward momentum, putting back in the jar
alma maters of sorts benefit from my gusto rah-rah
from education institutions, corporations to places and people touched
volunteer mentoring, alum rep, board member, ex-schoolchums cheerleader and such

with poetry lording new circular rings
fresh synthesized introspection it brings
my hands actioned by head and heart bathed in baca springs
to garner new feathers for worn-out wings

on tuesday pondered on evolving hpaa board mission and roles
on wednesday, sifted pearls of wisdom from panel of 4 ceo’s
at thursday’s synergos event, we treaded gingerly on global ethics issue
come tgif – let’s have a fno bbq –¬† way overdue

frogs on saturday, knee healed for tracking woodside hills
to experience¬† aristophanes’ comedy thrills
with god dionysus to hades a-wandering
dead poet euripides vs aeschylus to retrieve back to athens after a bard-bantering
judging and weighing their words and tease
the “art poetic like a pound of cheese”

there we go again, retro back to the starter fuel of this blog
ramrom is indeed cheesy fog to unclog

finish off the week
no longer weak-knee bleak

with lydia, judy and ml to wrap up the day
dining at “wrap this” food play
head for mission city coffee for “strings of comedy”
fred pinsocket starts off release of rippling rhapsody

in retro socket

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