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Sep '09

life oblique

remembering 911 and too hot out
incited me to turn on spout
drape and drizzle ramrom drips
float on rambling trips
revive fizzled nibs
pen nibbles and nips


ruminating last night’s preview of “tell it slant
portrayed poet emily dickinson blunt
raw wounds open, poetically uncut
dejected emotions ejected from her heart
such vulnerabilty exposed with flair
“you cannot solder an abyss with air”

drizzle dickinson with melodious music clues
joan mcmillen’s licks dress emily’s blues
giving guilt a lilt on how she ticks with a kick
sharmon hilfinger’s brilliant script sync’d oblique

ramrom’s entry leans
lopsided logic gleans
the paradox of the doctor to our ills
spirit resides inside us that heals or kills
spills or seals
freezes or deals

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