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Nov '09

niew woman

whoa man
what’s a woman?

a daughter
awaiting for manslaughter?

a wife
to birth life?
a mother to family strife?

a sister
to mister
to minister?

a worker to toil
to till hard soil
to rake in the spoil
to slave to a festering boil?

an article to use
or abuse?

some have the choice
to voice
many get lost in the noise
many suppressed by power-hungry boys
many treated as toys

at end of day it’s a humane issue
how we treat each other regardless of gender to take issue

words are cheap
actions speak deep
golden rule to keep

by according dignity to another
we become a dignified human order

educate the mind and heart
a smart positive start

niew moves ahead
seeking to empower and to educate
for it’s been said:


a hope prism
our mind and heart to unprison

nam‘s the vision
niew’s the mission

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