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Dec '09


img_72091 may28-008r-churchplaceholder shot in st jean de luz, france

last sunday we cruised
to another adventus
time to reflect
how we survived 2009 intact

it was breathless for me
the gift of time did flee with glee
raced to connect with past, pause for cause
i pray it earned heavenly applause

2009 was launched with mother etherized to snowy dew
economy gone to dogs, a retrospection cue
a rush to wisely use time gift
to touch lives and life to lift

culminating in “ramrom raps” book
my nib ripped and shook
after trip to europe, africa and asia – just one look, that’s all it took
thank God for His advent, we can be thankful for His mercy to be off the hook

a blessed season to all
all creatures small and tall
no matter how humanly high, short of glory we fall

’tis the season to realize our folly
rejoice in Him and be forever jolly

it’s been said that God’s presence
is more important than presents

christmas is essence
to review “is life futile” in His absence?

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