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Aug '07

blog clog

i notice there is a fear
a large population staying from blogging clear
it’s just another neutral tool
depends on how u use it – could be bad, could be cool

nothing is worse than fear of fear
like everything else, choice is yours my dear
u put limits, u will be limited
u want to feel defeated, u will be defeated
u want success, u self-fulfill success
u want abscess, u will be obsessed with abscess

we have equal access
to sources of bless or stress
to stay upright or uptight
to have life that bites or with a bite

born free, as free as the wind blows
as free as the grass grows
born free to follow your heart
leave a meaningful footprint before u depart


live free and beauty surrounds u
the world still astounds u
each time u look at a star
connect to your source to drive your life car

born free, and life is worth living
but only worth living
’cause you’re born free
to live life to fullest with His grace degree

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