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Aug '07

he’s a real nowhere man

circular dharma logic, way of tao to dive
ye must be born again while alive to live life
from nowhere to “now here”, a hairy truth wayne dyer on kcsm to bare
guess where we’re headed, from nowhere to now here, back to nowhere


rodin’s thinker and rene descartes’ “i think therefore i am” rings
as dyer’s “change your thoughts, change your life” sings
don’t let extrinsic values determine intrinsic me
we become who we think we are, if we let it be

the old adage – u are what u eat
u will drown yourself living someone’s else beat
the dangers of trudging through life behind labels and masks
align inner waters to flow harmoniously with external husks

detach instead of attach
let go, less is more is the catch
we came from nothing
we depart with no thing

God can’t fill your cup
when it’s full of ego grub

shift from self-control, in Supreme to trust
let go in order for mortal limits to bust

he’s a real nowhere man,
sitting in his nowhere land,
making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

doesn’t kave a point of view,
knows not where he’s going to,
isn’t he a bit like you and me?

now here man, please listen,
u don’t know what you’re missing,
now here man, the world can be at your command
with His helping hand

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