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Jul '06

bryan’s song


welcome back, another life chapter to write
dc awaits you, full of promise so enjoy the ride
back in june 1974 before atlanta to embark
i wrote “s.o.s” to heaven to brave the uncertainty stark

help me, I’m caught in a whirpool of regrets
spliced and distorted, smashed upon the rocks
help me shoot off at a tangent
in good shape with renewed vigor
to carry on….

april 1978 in the library “book weaving” i logged
just before graduation to face another uncertainty block

here i am
in sterile flourescence
torturing my mental faculties
depriving my soul
of simple bliss
impossible to come by
schemes and dreams
in constant flux
going somewhere and nowhere
is it worth it?

fast forward july 30, 2006
i am here to tell you it is worth every bit
seek Him and ye shall find
you will never be in a bind

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One Response to “bryan’s song”

  1. Mike Chan Says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Good words of encouragement to Bryan!