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Aug '06

lunch obladi oblada

desmona had a job, now in the marketplace
gerry just celebrated 25 years of IBM pace
desmona says to gerry ain’t no time for him to quit
cos’ my hunt to be busy again ain’t complete

obladi, oblada, life with work must go on
chimes a haunt, there’s no need to be forlorn
jarring words, don’t let work define thy worth
while waiting for godot, might as well mirth to birth

desmona takes a break at hampton beach
once a year, sister pat and dad in NY to reach
soak in the sun and have some hoity-toity fun
sorry gerry, just me-and-pat ritual has long begun

for 35 years they have built a home sweet home
now the girls grown, where in life to roam?
desmona loves to design event dinnerware
listen to that inner fanfare, does she dare?

obladi, oblada
life with work must go on….
patati, patata
only once a life can be born….

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