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Nov '12

granted grunt

it was there i swore
now this diamond ring doesn’t shine for me anymore
a glare turned to stare
omg, my ring finger is bare
it was always there
i should have exercised care

re-traced steps, it must be somewhere
tell the giver, i wouldn’t dare
praying for a miracle rare
a lesson fare

you don’t know what you’re missing till it’s gone
might be too late to dawn
easy to take things for granted, regrets spawn
it’s only material stuff to pawn

quit pining
start appreciating
quit self-frying
start drying

to lose is to find
things you’ve being blind
things that wrongly bind
encounters of the third kind

if it comes back
then not meant to lack
meanwhile silver lining spoke
“yea, i must have lost weight” croak

appear, appear my dear
pierre cardin is trop cher
why i hate to own
things that cost when lost to groan







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