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Aug '07

the dash

dashing through email snow
with a one horsepower sleigh
old files to plough and throw
came across clay to splay

bells on my mind ring
spirit jolt with might
a jarring pause to make and bring
a slaying song tonight

i read of a man who stood to speak
at the funeral of a friend
he referred to the dates on her tombstone
from the beginning to the end

he noted that first came her date of birth
and spoke the following date with tears
but he said what mattered most of all
was the dash between those years
1934 1998

for that dash represents all the time
that she spent alive on earth
and now only those who loved her
know what that little line is worth

for it matters not how much we own
the cars…the house…the cash
what matters is how we live and love
and how we spend our dash

so think about this long and hard
are there things you’d like to change?
for u never know how much time is left
that can still be rearranged

if we could just slow down enough
to consider what’s true and real
and always try to understand
the way other people feel

and be less quick to anger
and show appreciation more
and love the people in our lives
like we’ve never loved before

if we treat each other with respect
and more often wear a smile
remembering that this special dash
might only last a little while

so when your eulogy is being read out loud
with your life’s actions to rehash
would u be proud of the things they say
about how u spent your dash?

from dash
to m.a.s.h. lyrics mesh
“a brave man once requested me
to answer questions that are key
is it to be or not to be?
and i replied ‘oh why ask me?’ ”

colossians 4:17 message to archippus from paul
complete the work u have received in the Lord and called

man cares who wins the race
God cares about how the race is run vs His pace

God is not looking for the fastest runner of the dash
He’s looking for u to run your best before u crash

the stark truth, we can’t accomplish in our own strength, what God wants for us
only way to God is through Lord, through His Holy Spirit to set our pace and goal to burst

while many ways to skin a cat
only one way to truth and life, john 14:6 spat
“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life
no one comes to the Father except through Me”
so let not your heart be troubled, there’s no need to strive

jingle bell
jingle bell
jingle all the way…………….

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