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Sep '07


so much has transpired
since entering hr world aspired
so many mixed moments respired
some perspired, some inspired


from sorting donated sunsystems supplies at r.a.f.t.
to living in various communities, relationships and ideas to craft
from juggling balls of interesting shapes and color
to constantly reconfiguring the kaleidoscope parlor

mama’s breakfast, swan oyster depot, basque cultural center, cuisine to partake
“blues in the night” in sf theater for decompression sake
last night, “emma” in mountain view to intake
meanwhile email hell takes the cake
commitments to bake, not to break
fellowship discovered and raked

from santana row wahoo taco’s mixed with jazz
to annual intercon at cuesta, ties renewed razzmatazz
from design4delight wallet exercise at fairmont
to climbing cable cars to westin for inspire07 taunt

incredible life journeys in hr allhands, trainings, asian panels, survivor yul kwon seen
how others become what they are, where they’ve been
such rich input, so what can it mean, what to glean
some days confident and bright hope
some days in confusion mope

to be or not to be
constant morphing me

in the end
what will to bend
answer revealed below append

one evening driving home, hit by a gong
a bright big vermillion sun low on the horizon
sparked my rendition of beatles song

one day you’ll find
that i have gone
but tomorrow may rain,
so i’ll follow the Son


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One Response to “kaleidoscope”

  1. Melissa Jones Says:

    Lots of things going on, energy swirling around. I’m curious whether and how your perception of Intuit might be changing as you sit move into another position in orbit.

    Any thoughts emerging about the acquisition and handling of the human resources as the organization must attend to the steady drumbeat of market forces and competitive pressures?