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Sep '07

being there

how did i get here, recall is rare
my memory is bare
what did i past dare?
what pages do i tear?
does anyone care?
now my soul projects scare

waiting room

scenes in the waiting room
eyes glazed of nostalgic gloom
where’s my groom
where’s the rose bloom

what we are thinking
what we are feeling
what we are seeing
what we are processing
no one knows
it comes and goes

what’s real, u can’t comprehend
what’s experienced, i can’t pretend
dunk mashed potatoes in chocolate mix
string beans on pudding seems an obvious fix

color my grey faded lens
see the slithering snakes in oily dens
folding napkins is therapeutic
wailing and tantrum fits, attention to kick

if u touch me, you’ll understand what happiness is
ooh, pure heart bliss
another new day to turn a page
when will soul rest from life rage?

being there

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