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Sep '07

lewy bodies

u learn some thing new everyday
dinner with angie rendered learning my way
about lewy body disease being 2nd to alzheimer’s disease
on list of dementia causes, per “edmonton journal” news release
dementia being impaired thinking, mental confusion and memory amiss

lewy bodies are blobs of peculiar inclusions found in infected brain cells
manifesting signs of dementia plus unique characteristics, neurologist doctor lewy tells
patients’ mental confusion and memory deficits can clear for a time
but they always sink back into dementia’s confusion slime

they frequently suffer from visual hallucinations, seeing things that aren’t there
and for an inordinate amount of time into seeming emptiness glare and stare
daytime drowsiness aka sleepiness commonly incur
disturbing nightmares in the early stages of sleep habitually recur
also suffering similar parkinson’s symptoms such as hand tremor

~60-to-75% of diagnosed dementias are of the alzheimer’s and mixed type
10-to-15% are lewy bodies type, per wiki hype
no medicine cures lewy body disease
only pills4symptoms temporary relief, eg clonazepam nightmares to decrease

we can send man to moon
but no breakthru cure yet for alzheimer’s, lewy, parkinson’s to swoon

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