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Sep '07

chup-goh meh 十五暝 mid-autumn festival 中秋节

15 is “chup-goh” in hokkien
“meh” means night
in 28-day lunar cycle, 15th = moon at fullness might
basis of 2 kinds of moonlight-festival event

one around 15th and final day of the lunar chinese new year
other is mid-autumn festival celebrating the harvest with chinois cheer
marked by mooncakes and colorful lanterns glowing in the dark
around the world similar harvest festivals mark


in korea, a 3-day chu suk festival
in vietnam, tet trung thu is their carnival
in japan, tsukimi to mark harvest bounty arrival
http://www.everythingesl.net/lessons/harvest_festivals_around_world_79423.php go travel

grew up singing this rap
in penang, carrying candle-lit red cellophane lanterns

framed fish, dragon, rabbit, butterfly patterns
here goes in hokkien wrap


chup goh meh

hoay kim cheh fireflies
jiah loo eh koowa lai chiak teh invite fellowmen to drink tea

teh siuo siuo tea, hot-hot
kia law ki bay geen jiuo walk to buy banana
geen jiuo bay ki peh forgot to peel banana
kia law ki bay chekh walk to buy book
chekh bay ki thuck forgot to read book
kia law ki bay buck walk to buy stone sharpener

buck bay ki bua forgot to sharpen
kia law ki bay chua walk to buy snake
chua bay ki liak forgot to capture snake
kia law ki bay ka-kiak walk to buy clogs
ka-kiak bay ki cheng forgot to wear clogs
kia law ki bay ka leng walk to buy mynah bird

ka leng kong, ka leng poh male mynah, female mynah
jiah loo eh koowa lai tchit toh invite fellowmen to play
tchit toh eiah play with coconut
chiak kam cheah eat sugar cane
kam cheah tee sugar cane is sweet
chiak lai chee eat lichee

lai chee pong lichee is puffed
chiak tombong eat heart of coconut
tombong pekh heart of coconut is white
chiak kelinga teh teh eat indian’s nipple!

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One Response to “chup-goh meh 十五暝 mid-autumn festival 中秋节”

  1. Phaik Choo Says:

    Good job! What wonderful memories it brings back…..the days of the la la le la tampong.