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Oct '07

walk the talk

“we’re on the move”, treasure island 4alice today
12 dedicated walkers, hooray of commitment and care display

“gno” gang in full force plus melanie, avis, doris, and taipan
as intuit team, we’re ending alzheimer’s, we care & give back what we can


thanks also to financial supporters from near and far
– andrea, aida, catherine,
– goon, grace, yim, ye-lin
– fundraisers and their team
– brian, bruce, melissa
– brooks, john&dana, laura, stella
– tim&tee, haydee, helen, amy
– linda, lucy, lee, dotty, family
without whom we couldn’t have crossed our target bar


fundraisers lin, leemin, melanie, doris, avis
all added to the barometer bliss

we all did it, we raised 4alzheimer’s cause to tune of $3530
alice is indeed honored, a memory to cherish dearly

we know what we would do if any of us sang out of tune
u would stand up and not walk out on me, phew


ooh pure heart gets by with a little help from her friends
mm, i fly high with a little love from my family and friends

yes we need each other to care
we have some love to spare
could it be anybody to serve
i want somebody to love

when we walk through dementia storm
keep our chins up high
and don’t be afraid of the dark

at the end of the storm
is a golden sky
and the sweet silver song of a lark

walk on through the wind
walk on through silence and din

walk on through the brain rain
tho’ memories minced from circuits blown
today’s symbolic hope refrain
we’ll never walk alone

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