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Oct '07



the forum in ancient times was a central area where commerce and justice administration took place
it’s about community and gathering, deals to handshake, societal rules to make, face-to-face
there was no speed, no email then, no internet, no cell phones, no skype, no facebook
go to the marketplace and neighbor, favor and savor, that’s all it took


shuttling from forum to forum of late, like pseudolus to intake and calculate
schemes and dreams, different playbook scripts depending whether leader, hr or finance to create
composing my version of cantos from scenes of dante’s divine comedy and sondheim’s musical score
where in future shall i rest my core without muscles sore and mind bore, my energy to roar and soar

the funny thing is the human in hr doesn’t need the blend of human i have to offer
seems like i am better off to lead and mind the company’s coffer

such is the paradox
when one is out-of-box

need for greeks, romans, diversity inclusion
trick is how to harness value for a good conclusion
people are assets, hard to draw out, easy to say
which pasture do u want to graze, pay and play?

to be, u have to become
a set of trade-offs to succumb

better still, be still
Wisdom in proverbs 3:6 to direct will
since common sense is uncommon
therefore Wisdom to summon

u reap what u sow, more than u sow, and later than u sow
the Helper holds the harvest, this much i know
listen deep, align and glow with the flow

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