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Sep '06

tim sum

today’s gleaning is from james
chapter 2 verse 26 quips that “faith without deeds is dead”
actions speak louder than words it proclaims
for a man’s faith is made complete by what he did, not what was said

we had said to neighbors john and dana
a brunch of “heart dots” is divine manna

so to pantao we’ll soon head
says taipan, life without good eats is dead

we’ve traveled halfway ’round the world
to find ourselves in los altos curled
and look how far we’ve come
recall tim sum at haloman

so far from where we used to be
but not so far that we’ve forgotten
how it was before, how we broaden
how we had conversations and tea

september morn
do you remember how we ate our lives away
food gourmands playing scenes from “how-not-to-lose-weight-but-gain-love” play
september morning still can make me feel that way

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