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Sep '06


from documentary on channel 68
learned about hypoxia yesterday late
means a state of low level of oxygen
often linked with “near death” vantage turn

floating in the air
could be jubiliant or in despair
either that bright light, oh so warm and inviting
or on fringes of hell, darkness forces pulling
for dannion brinkly 3 times the grim reaper tried to attack
but each time, no dannion, you must go back

rewind back to 1968 or so i recall
on way back from meeting at gospel hall
a black car hit me, from the bicycle i fall
image of Jesus flash, take me, i call

then a spark of bright light
knocked me out alright
momentarily floating seeing me lying on grass
surrounded by people and juliana but no morass
before i knew it, in hospital i lay
looking back, a hypoxia experience, i now can say

every breath you take
every move you make
every bond you break
every smile you fake
book of life entries you bake

oh can’t you see
you belong to Him
so don’t treat gift of life with whim
que sera sera vs what His will will be

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