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May '08

marbles spent

119. Sun 17 Feb ’08

losing marbles

jk’s turn to be down and out
came back last thursday for dad’s getafix potion2combat flu bout
’tis nice to family recover together over the weekend
the sun rays and pho quyen lunch-out together to intake

i love each day granted and cherish the weekend days to recharge and unwind
just read a story about someone counting number of saturdays left to enjoy and recline
he was 55 and assuming an average lifespan of 75, he computed about 1000 saturdays left to pine
he gathered 1000 marbles in a jar, decrementing a marble each saturday spent as he marched with time
things came sharply in focus doing this exercise
yes, literally losing your marbles in order for life’s priorities to precise

got me thinking, it doesn’t matter what age i am at
but let’s say i have 1000 saturday marbles left to play and possibly gain back a few depending on how i bet
when the last marble is gone, i’m gone with the wind, returning to sand
no scarlett, tomorrow’s no longer another day to give a damn
no more rom to ram

so how did i this past saturday spend?
jk taught me a game called portals which created in me more harass than fun caress to blend
tried to freefile jk’s taxes to find out this year he disqualifies because he entered world of stock investment
ok even-steven – i learn portals; in return u learn to deal with uncle sam and turbotax online enlightenment

dad lost his marble reviving french with rosetta stone son downloaded
since we talked about a family trip to france this summer long overdue and goaded

i lost my marble, playing hokkien rap songs that sally got me that finally we received via bryan in the mail yesterday
but gained a marble back when haircutter ngee complimented that she looks to us to model moulding her daughter’s clay

who will buy this wonderful feeling
i’m so high i swear i could fly
me oh my, i don’t want to lose it
so what am i to do to keep this sky so blue
there must be someone who will buy

my dickens, georgygirl cg – do u remember i sang this lionel bart’s oliver refrain in the play mrs chan wrote
with me as character “deafy” – that was one fun concert marble we lost to keep our studies afloat

yes, with each saturday completed
i lose some marbles and gained some on other days until depleted

saturday in the park
u’d think it was the 4th of july
people talking, really smiling
ramrom playing guitar
singing for us all
will u help her change the world
can u dig it, yes, i can
and i’ve been waiting such a long time
for today

thanks ngee..
u taught us loyalty
people reaching, people touching
a real celebration


124. Sun 9 Mar ’08

von manherz und mein herz

today marks daylight saving
maintenant dans le jardin avec le soleil, ramrom sowing
almost late for worship today
to pbc in paly alley instead of cupertino to sway

whoops, found out we’re 15 minutes early
so popped in to tiny library
gems awaiting me, i declare
4 books synchronistically demanded my stare

first caught my eye is charles stanley’s handbook for divine living
he who baptized me 29 years ago, my attention beckoning
letter “s” sits next to charles swindoll
his book “dropping your guard” seems to call
so into my hand these 2 books fall

so moved to table to honor code check-out
2 more books lying on table caught my eye, hmm, what about?
first “poems” by c.s.lewis, what a find
thought he only wrote essays, prose and such kind

then another plain nondescript thin book leaped at me
entitled simply “poems from the heart” by rev. c.edgar manherz, my heart harkened to that plea
no copyright, no publisher, no library of congress cataloging
simply a preface with “love from the heart”, a collection of his poems by popular demand circulating

manherz was born in waynesboro, pennsylvannia
an ordained methodist minister for 62 years sheer
“expressing thoughts with words that rhyme seemed to be a natural talent” and hobby
the book was written not to make money, “but rather to share pleasure with others”, and certainly me

and here i reproduce some on ramrom, von manherz via mein herz to thee
i doubt, u can find this in circulation anymore, from sea to shining sea
when i am done with it, u can find it in library at palo alto pbc!

here goes reverend edgar manherz‘ song
i don’t know where u are now edgar
this much i know, to God we belong…

“poems from the heart”
poems from the heart are sincere and true
bringing messages to me and to you
they spring from the deep longings in the heart
for it is there they germinate and get their start.
they keep swelling up in our innermost being
revealing clearly how we are feeling.
our yearnings, our hopes and our dreams
keep flowing forth like mountain streams.
messages from the simple events of life
love, joy, wonder, hatred and strife,
messages from nature and the wonders of God
from ordinary people – tillers of the sod.
they keep growing and growing these yearnings of the soul
until we at last find God, life’s ultimate goal.
they may help you find the purpose of life
and lead you to God and eternal life.
so, as you read this book of poems through,
may they bring pleasure and comfort to you.

“birth of a poem”
in my life at certain times,
thing i want to say come out in rhymes.
this is a talent God gave to me
so to Him goes the praise, as it ought to be.
He gives me a thought and i search my mind
to express that thought with words that rhyme.
in a little while a poem is written
explaining the thought that God has given.
so, i’ll thank and praise Him every day
and in my life let Him hold sway.

thus inspired today is ramrom and manherz co-mingled written
Lord thank U for today’s blessing, my heart is smitten

i feel less abbie-normal to understand what’s flowing in my vein
pray that it’s not vain of me, but hope ramrom is not in vain
to share on internet such love refrains, or should i refrain?

today’s pbc sermon is on sabbath rest designed by the Lord
how befitting, psalm 46:10 “be still and know that I am God”

if u like some more of manherz and ramromherz
why, leave a comment to draw out more heart spurts


107. Sun 16 Dec ’07

legally bound

ah sabbath’s supposed to be day of rest
stack of signed refi loan papers beckoning eyes to test
decided to follow jewish sabbath so rested yesterday instead
just plowed thru some 125 paper docs, man what a headache!

nathaniel hawthorne is bright – easy reading requires damned hard writing
hmm, we should make lawyers make their honest living
not by deploying copious legalese to keep all in the foodchain afloat
i for one, plain simple english doth gloat

all i want is a low interest rate loan
far away from a negative amortized home
with one enormous trusting glare
a 1-page contract snare

……ah, wouldn’t it be loverly?

lots of terms to digest and read
lots of signing my life away, making lots of heed
my dream wish – no more mortgage feed
ah, wouldn’t it be loverly?

next week more papers to john henry
all 5-year arm’s came to roost, rates start jumping if not fixed in a hurry

reminding us it’s been 5 years since we returned to bay area fold
yes, time marches on – how in silicon valley to economically grow old?


108. Mon 17 Dec ’07


1 guy outnumbered by 4 gals lunch to munch
can be delightful with interesting story crunch
that’s what happened today with the 5-some bunch
how wild the conversation could run, the guy had no hunch!

we covered 8-hr newark airport blues to lost ring after wedding bells
and hubby’s ring flying off during bus ride, creating search pell mells
best of all shared is d4D shopping experience with personal shopper free
to the rescue at plano nordstrom just days before bearing mrs. degree

we aim to please – how about 36d to curve with lavendar wedding attire
how about “spank” to hold back that spare tire
she tried it on, it felt awful so was smart not to acquire
let it all hang out vs big time agonizing quagmire

so in future, u know the lunch party to hang out with
taboo-topics with guys? – we’ve certainly busted that myth
may not be breakfast at tiffany’s but lunch-with-us at cafe eleven
can have u in stitches and in 7th heaven

rom river, wider than a mile
we’re crossin’ u in style everyday
oh spinmaker, u blues-breaker
wherever u’re ramin’, i’m romin’ your way

us drifters, off to chat about the world
there’s such a lot of world to twirl

we’re after the same rainbow’s end
waitin’ round the bend
my chuckleberry friend
rom river and me


117. Fri 1 Feb ’08

let it rip

interesting exercise at network event last night
what some would do without hesitation with might
while others defer with apprehensive fright
get a $1 bill please, place on table
meanwhile detour with other q&a prattle

ah yes, come back to the dollar, the spirit spree
i want u to rip it into 2, at count of 3
half the audience did it, rest held back
next, so why-did-u-do-or-not-do-it nut to crack

doers felt nothing to lose for next exciting unveiling
some followed instruction in hopes of reward returning?
i didn’t dare tear
for francine’s dollar ain’t mine, so best impulse impair
some pondered the non-sense of it all
while others let their mere dollar fall
without appall

whatever u discern
it boils down to an “acting out of belief and value system” concern
your reality is the only reality
nothing else matters till u let someone define for u, matter of connected affinity

what’s next, to be or not to be?
yearning follow-up feedback from u to me
should i let rap rip?
what else is hip?
what tango step to dip?
continue blogging, your soul to nip?
should i whole dollar keep?

the minute u walked in the joint,
i could see u were a gal of distinction,
a real big spender,
good looking, so refined
say, wouldn’t u like to know
what’s going on in my mind?

hey big spender
spend a little dime on me


118. Thu 14 Feb ’08


last week feb 7 marks new lunar year
a new 12-year animal horoscope cycle in the rat to cheer
leaving the pig behind in the rear
i was sick as a dog, now out of woods clear
so the blog ink is ready to smear

but rats, what to squeak about
i am a ram of east and west with no clout
no one to receive what i care to share
what’s the point of roms to bare
cheesy ratatouille best frozen like a rat in a snare
go through customs with nothing to declare

wait, today cupid’s arrows dart
but why do we need valentine to awake the heart
‘cos i don’t care too much for money, honey dove
money can’t buy me love

hickory dickory dock
quick get that sparkling rock
time’s running out, tick-tock
to induce love shock

there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
rats, it’s easy to make narcissistic claim

all u need is luv
all u need is luv
all u need is love, luv
love is all u need

He loves u yea yea yea
He loves u yea yea yea
and with a love like that
u know u should be glad


125. Sun 23 Mar ’08


what actually is time?
for how mortals mark time determines how mortal age climb
light years or lunar years, it’s all relative says einstein

if per gregorian calendar, today is easter
first sunday after 14 days following vernal equinox with ecclesiastical moon in full blister
in france, pâques is also a “faire-du-pont” vacation whisper
in philippines, “pasko ng muling pagkabuhay” is joyous “salubong” mother-son reunion pleaser

but per julian “eastern” calendar, u have to wait till april 27 for paschal lambs to glister

regardless when time marks easter, it is its significance that matters
Christ’s resurrection is what differentiates the faith for its believers

for He represents where “time” comes from
and when our earthly time ends, eternity with Him begins aplomb

as matthew 28:6 records – “He is not here: for He is risen as He said.
come, see the place where the Lord lay.”
sparking this 1971 william j. gaither’s timeless treasure hymn jay

because He lives, i can face tomorrow,
because He lives, all fear is gone;
because i know He holds the future,
and life is worth the living,
just because He lives!


127. Sun 30 Mar ’08

habanero tobiko

taipan chef is usually on strike starting friday night
so to restaurants we head to get a bite

two cuisine themes dominate this weekend
friday evening was persian deezi in campbell bend
saturday we dined at iranian house of kabobs in mt view land

sushimaru in milpitas served us sunday lunch
dinner will be at paly alley fukisushi, where ya-ya sisters munch

discoveries of all sorts abound
first, sushimaru intro’d habanero tobiko, our tongues on fire held spellbound
literally plus tobiko yields a deadly melange compound
taipan lalo’s capsium popularity chart is siricha confound

second, today’s pbcc sermon reminded wisdom from james
yea, james who spoke so eloquently on critical, judgemental tongue flames

pastor andy drake framed james 4:11-17 for today’s message
about humility as we make life’s passage

flyer verse quoted proverbs 11:2 sage
“when pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom”, what an ace
think before we speak and act, to set divine pace

james tongue bites
“do not speak evil against one another, brethren” he writes
judging others and being judged by your judging, verse12 is to savor
“there is 1 Lawgiver and Judge, He who is able to save and to destroy…who are you to judge your neighbor?”

for verse 14 incites that “you do not know about tomorrow
what is your life?”, whether of happiness or sorrow
“for you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes”
where will life go then with its gilded arrogance amassed, along with blemishes

whoa, habanero tobiko in deed
is today’s planted seed

or do u judge it “weed”?


129. Wed 9 Apr ’08

basura therapy

aiya ya ya
ain’t no cielito lindo aria
more like o-mama-mia, o-mama-mia

work has to move
to menlo park groove

so today was “womba” cathartic bash
why on earth did i stash
so much trash
once some worthy-reason-to-keep mash
now mere poubelle succotash

but less baggage
means more mobility to gauge
to get out of cage
to turn page
of social-mobile-global rage

trashing is therapeutic symbolic cleansing
for lens resetting and vision renewing
a lighter payload can further traject
growth fuel to inject
to fill the void from basura reject
new prospects to inspect

till they become trash to toss again
new waves to gain
new cycle flame
get onboard the train

time to hackett
try again. fail again. fail better” says samuel beckett
“think smart, move fast” but fail fast to set new cdi record

enough trash
chimes beckett, the task of an artist afterall is “to find a form that accommodates the mess”
so i stop and off to dc i dash
avoiding godot clash

when irish eyes are smiling,
sure ’tis like the morn in spring.
in the lilt of irish laughter
u can hear the angels sing when irish hearts are happy,
all the world seems bright and gay.

and when irish eyes are smiling,
sure, they steal your heart away.

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    1. Lucy B Says:
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    You are in a Beatles mood lately – with the She Loves Me tunes etc…
    Love the “get that sparkling rock, time’s running out”
    All that pressure on those still looking for love…