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May '08

phoey-louie-douie howie

another year to hatch
around mother’s day match

a special mama to check on
to find out, much life has worn
too much time has flown and gone
a voice nudged me – a trip to greenville flaunt
to rekindle bond
to goldfinger pond

time to ponder and correspond

time for ramrom zinger
o yellow ginger
yellow zinger
is in my eyes and in my mind
o yellow ginger
yellow zinger
is in my blood, it’s the place i love
got no time for explanation
got no time to lose
tomorrow night should find me
sleeping underneath the noose
at yellow zinger

stupid-is-as-stupid-does, mama
life has too much beauty to miss and its drama
u played your bridge deck well
now it’s ok to ring the “ratched” bell
u are one heck of a mama swell
your voice etched in my head , your love in my heart dwell

yea life has roses, fugu sashimi and poo
but let me tell ya, we know how to play them cards
we know how and when to throw them darts
u wanna be bothered, u will
go ahead, guts to spill
for we’re too busy picking battles for the till

curl curl curl marcia, sistah in more ways than one
we are more connected than u know it to the One
His grace and strength in u i see
and when the night is cloudy, there is still white light that shines on thee
shine until tomorrow, let it be

and little bunny foo-foo sandy
well u came and u gave without taking
as they sent me away, oh sandy
well u kissed me and stopped me from shaking
and we need u today, oh sandy
blackberry and airport meeting sure came in handy

30 years may have flown by
but just 1 look, that’s all it took
to connect, hug and and say hi
cabbie don to spook
we’re in the zone baby
it’s in the stars our paths cross, each of u howie lady

thanks for the memories and more to come
oh can’t u see mama, there’s no need to control but love in us to succumb

once there was greenville, kissed by the sun
once there were valleys where we had howard lake fun
once there were blue skies with white light ommmmming above
once and forever, we are part of an everlasting love

a time to be reapin’, a time to be sowin’
o greenville south carolina, is callin’ me home
twas so good to be young then, to be close to the earth
now the green leaves of frisco are callin’ me home

interesting in-flight movie viewed
‘the bucket list” cued
a must see
i decree
here’s to us, to life – as best as it can be…

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