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Jul '08

what matters

what matters?

just read an article
how much one needs to stash to retire and comfortably unbuckle

to brake and breakfree from self-bound tethers
to live life light like floating feathers
to dwindle what one has taken stock
stop “work-to-pay-bills” clock
no longer your worth to world prove and mock
worldly treadmill to dock
purposeful living to rock

what are we chasing?
what’s worth finessing?
why are we dressing for earthly impressing
what illusions and vices are we financing
what’s clogging flow of what-matters blessing

how much is enough, enough?
for it’s “no matter how much, it doesn’t matter” fluff?

badfinger straining in my ear
divine instruction to harken dear

no matter what u are
I will always be with u
doesn’t matter what u do girl, I have paid your due

no matter what u do
I will always be around
u don’t have to tell me what u found girl, oh girl what’s new
cos’ I already knew

knock down the old brick wall, and be a part of it all
nothing to say, nothing to see, nothing to do
if u would give Me all, as I would give it to u
for without Me,
nothing would be,
nothing could be,
nothing should be

if u want it, here it is
come and get it
make your mind up fast on things that eternally last
if u want it, anytime
I can freely give it
but u better hurry cause the end is coming fast

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