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Jul '08

gear shifts

just ruminating yesterday, had josh decided on carnegie mellon
he would have known prof randy in person gallant
beating odds since his infamous lecture to celebrate life
fare thee well gracious icon, for sharing how in strife to thrive


also in the news yesterday
qantas 747-400 airliner flight30 from hk didn’t make it to melbourne way

edwin loobrera/agence france-presse — getty images

a hole in its fuselage, oxygen masks drop, it was may day, come what may
imagine if u were one of 346 passengers or 19 crew members, what in your mind would play
at the thought of decay

would u pray?
would u turn gray?
would u wail and bray?
or would u be in shock, nothingness display?
or would u, as plane dives a mile a minute, make hay
quickly scribble who gets your assets if any, or debts pay

would u want to know
how and when u go?
or do we need to know in order to each day dim or glow?

so eat, drink and be merry everything to blow
but, what if it didn’t snow
would knowing then, be a worse curse? – whoa woe

would u want to be a randy
or would u want that fateful flight30 experience, which landed in manila fine and dandy
to live life differently and more handy?

will u be ready?
licking life’s candy
filling up gas tank before it gets empty?

someone told me long ago
there’s a calm before the storm,
i know
it’s been coming for some time.

when it’s over, so they say,
it’ll rain a sunny day,
He knows
shining down like water.

i wanna know, has life been in vain, through peak and pain?
i wanna know, have we ever seen the rain
coming down on a sunny day?

yesterday, and days before,
sun is cold and rain is hard,
i know
been that way for all our time.

till forever, on it goes
through the circle, fast and slow,
i know
it can’t stop, we wonder.

and here, i ramrom ponder…..

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