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Jul '06

“it’s cheesy”

a comment re:reaction to my start-up blog was “it’s cheesy…”

one of the thought provoking application picked up from sermon today re:paul’s letter in prison to the philippians was “why does it matter”….for to die is to gain. so after a sushimaru lunch over a discussion on the usefulness of blogs, i returned home to google simply “poetry-why does it matter”. several links popped up one of which i attached was “dana gioia online” in the blog roll of links.

the next link i clicked led me to another blog and a poem on cheese as follows which could explain the “cheesy” opinion of my blog???:


cheese is the word of the world
cheese can be as yellow as the sun,
or as smelly as the wild skunk.
we could all learn something from cheese.


cheese comes in all diffrent shapes, forms, and colors.
yet no matter what, cheese does not complain
cheese does not segregate
and cheese does not know hate.
cheese knows that they all come from the same basic materials in life and accepts it as is.
we could all learn something of human culture by taking on the peacefullness of the cheese.

jean-marc me dit pour mon bon anniversaire, tres sage
age is not important unless you’re fromage


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