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Oct '06

try to remember – sep 1 revival

try to remember
the kind of september
when you learned to bike
bold enough to tell someone to take a hike

try to remember
love smoldering amber
the first kiss
a heartbeat miss
to be dumped and to dump
first disco coke and rum

try to remember
sweet surrender
floating on a cloud
receiving a prize proud
collecting stuff for jumble sale
counting jelly fish when ferry to butterworth sail


try to remember
the childish pranks i now shudder
lighting up firecracker in can to blast the new year
screams elicited in the cemetery under moonlight clear

try to remember
on guitar folk songs to render
gurney drive strolls, “you can’t help going for a walls” ice-cream
campbell street shopping and faraway lands for hope and dream

rest your head on flashback pillow
and sweet bliss hollow will follow and fallow…

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