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Oct '06

psalm balm

at bible study last night
parallelism insight
psalm 3 reading
hebrew poetic meaning

takes me back to “beauty in eye of beholder” logged in july
like any artistic expression, only meaningful if to you apply
up to you to interprete and relate
what artists create and bait

psalm is from greek logos “psalmoi”
meaning “songs sung to a harp” with soothing coy
originally from “psallein”, “play on a stringed instrument”
picture psalmist david in deep sorrow or joyful moment

150 psalms in the bible compiled
vs 5 poems in lamentations culled
takes one through entire spectrum of life
conversations with God to survive all kinds of strife

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One Response to “psalm balm”

  1. Emily Says:


    This is a great “psalm.” I look forward to reading your musings:D