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Oct '06


from the radio waves on way to work today
pastoral message on halloween origins 770am did play
3 paganistic streams explaining oct 31 date
for u to decide how important enough to celebrate


oct 31 is celtic druid new year’s eve
also irish festive samhain “barrier between living and dead” annual relief
for ghouls and goblins to wander freely
perfect excuse for kids to carry out mischief willy-nilly

in east europe, witches declared oct 31 their high sabbath
to high-gear recruit gullibles to increase their occultish macbeth
to brew double, double, toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble

’tis catholic tradition to call on saints as God-mediators
the poor calendar ran out of days to commemorate such gladiators
so samhain date was originally fixed
to celebrate “hallowmas” hallow=holy, mas=mass, all saints mixed
universally changed to nov 1 by pope greogory III
anniversary to consecrate st peter’s chapel housing relics of matyrs, saints collected

oct 31 also marks significant event
to counter man-made halloweenistic bent
in 1517, 95 theses posted by martin luther
birthdate of protestant reformation, 3 principia utter
sola gratia, solus Christus, sola fide
only grace, only Christ, only faith, the only way

all other mediators no longer need
sola gratia, solus Christus, sola fide heed
no need for halloween, no treat, no trick
His blood flowed to unite us with Him in eternal heavenly creek

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One Response to “hell-o-wean”

  1. Emily Says:

    I want to sit in that heavenly creek. Wonder if there is a geocache there!