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Aug '08


in sync with spirit of beijing olympics
i swam 88 lengths at rinconada for kicks
it felt good
to be in endorphin mood
new routine to brood
best is yet to come understood

88 strong strokes hit the counter point
while a 110 stretches the loins joint
i love the rhythmic breath intakes and the bubbles made
in sync with bobbing movements of my head

lap swimming
and life maneuvering
is alot like dirty dancing

as i was driving back
96.5 was aptly playing the theme song track

now i’ve had the time of my life
no I never felt this way before
yes i swear it’s the truth
and i owe it all to U

’cause i’ve had the time of my life
and i’ve searched through every open door
’till i found the Truth
and i owe it all to U

so we’ll just let it go
don’t be afraid to lose control….

recalling earlier april entry
eshet hayil divine dancing decree

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