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Nov '06

polovtsian dance

alexander borodin strains from “prince igor”
better known as “strangers in paradise” musical lore
kept humming in mind as brian imparted teaching today
exodus 22:18-27 on “because you were strangers in a strange land” play
sorcery, beastiality and idolatry to stay away
though we may be strangers, we can discipline ourselves shalom to display
deacon bill harman’s stories captured how divine love we can spray

last week jonathan lamb imparted revelations seven
linking richard sibbes’ heaven in us before we are in heaven
that God’s family and gospel is global, His glory is due
if heaven is in us, we will know what on earth to do

strangers in the night
exchanging glances
wondering each other’s might
what were the chances
we’d be sharing love
approved by up above

strangers in the night
two lonely people
two strangers to sight
up to the moment
when we said hello
little did we know
love was just a glance away
a warm embracing polovtsian sway

ever since He came into my heart
it’s not about me but the God in me to impart

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One Response to “polovtsian dance”

  1. Emily Says:

    This was the best one yet:) Made me want to waltz. BTW, you looked fantastic at church today. So dressed up.