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Aug '08

joie de vivre

this song is dedicated to a beautiful person i just met
searching joie de vivre i am sure she’ll get
on a journey now, for right work2live goals to set
which places to go to place her bet

d’accord, par robert’s dictionnaire
joie de vivre is extraordinaire
une “sentiment exaltant ressenti par toute la conscience”
ie “involves one’s whole being” in seance

i wish her a love match
the beauties of life to enjoy and catch
just imagine a tennis game in intense zest
keep eye on ball and play your best
leave to Seigneur for the rest

le joie de vivre est comme la bonne aventure

artist robert delauney’s “rhythm – joie de vivre”

je suis un petit poupon de bonne figure
qui aime bien les bonbons et les confitures
si vous voulez m’endonner
je saurai bien les manger

je serai sage et bien bon
pour plaire a ma mere
je saurai bein ma lecon
pour plaire a mon pere
je veux bien les contenter
et, s’ils veulent m’embrasser

la bonne aventure
oh! gai!
la bonne aventure

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One Response to “joie de vivre”

  1. Marie-Florence Tieu Says:

    Hi Shirley!
    I am so pleasantly surprised to read this beautiful poem. Your poem deeply touches me and as I embark in a more meaningful life ‘aventure’, I will take with me your word of wisdom, your inspiration, your joie de vivre aura. I started to look at your website, and I really like the coffee and cups poem. I will continue to peruse your site to my delight. How talented are you. I really like the playfulness of your words yet so powerful and inspirational!!

    Thanks so very much, Shirley, for giving me this strength to live life to the fullest and to focus on experiencing the essence of life.