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Jul '06

why it matters

merhaba! yokatta desu ka?
ready with me to honda or to vespa?!
so what nugget do I have in store for thee today
as i meander along life’s winding way

i recall a short verse scribed for a friend’s baby shower
which distilled the “aha” life matter essence of parental power
so the first unleashed from “windmills of my mind”
penned on june 4, 2006 to the fifes of a biblical kind:

enjoy the precious gift from up above
that is coming to fill your lives with love
may blessings unfold as you journey together
discover joy in making another life matter!

kinda the notion of life’s circular motion and potion….
parents bring about a life and in the process concoction,
that life brings more life to the parents in upward or downward spirals,
depending on choices taken over time gyrals….

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