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Nov '06

for your eyes only

i can’t see nobody…no, i can’t see nobody
mine eyes can only look at you…you
i used to have a brain blinded by love forlorn
i can see clearly now, the brain is gone

there’s a story with a moral
that pinged my inbox choral
entitled “life is a gift”
after reading, your heart might shift

there was a blind girl who hated herself
because she was blind and in self-pity delved
she hated everyone except one friend
a loving boy, always-there, her to tend

if only she could see the world
she declared she would marry him bold
one day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her
suddenly her world was no longer blur

her boyfriend asked, now that u can see the world
will you marry me, my beloved girl
the girl was shocked when she saw her boyfriend is blind
and refused to marry him, it reminded of her former kind

her boyfriend walked away in tears, it was visually clear
later wrote her saying “just take care of my eyes, dear”


for your eyes only, can see me through the night
for your eyes only, i never need to hide
you can see so much in me, so much in me that’s new
i never felt until i looked at you
for your love only….

today before u think of saying an unkind word
think of someone who can’t speak and be heard
before u complain about the taste of your food
think of someone who has nothing to eat good

before u complain about life’s tavern
think of someone who went too early to heaven
before u complain about your children
think of someone who desires children but is barren

before u argue about your dirty house, someone didn’t clean or sweep
think of the people living off the street, their dignity to keep
before whining about the distance u drive someone to meet
think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet

and when you’re tired and complain about your job
think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job to mob
before u think of pointing your finger or condemning another
remember not one of us is without sin and we all answer to 1 Maker
and when depressing thoughts seem to get you down
put a smile on your face and thank God you’re alive and still around

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