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Nov '06

mind your p’s & c’s

yesterday’s gleanings from a “career” management workshop
a couple of tips gained to polish one’s reputation knob
career stems from “carraria”, its medieval latin root
meaning road for vehicles, aha..a path in life to boot and toot

5 p’s encompasses instructor alan vengel gist
person – who are u, your values, skills and interest list
perspective – but what really matters is who u are in others’ eyes
for u see, therein the relative truth lies and survives
place – are u in the groove for what might happen in the future
are u ahead of the curve, to anticipate career change to suture
possibilities – consider maneuvers, what are the options galore
et voila they are: vertical, lateral, enrichment, re-alignment, explore
plan – pick your choice, figure next steps, then sell and implore

to work this morning, 770am blasting as i careen
spake pastor david jeremiah, the 5 c’s how fruitful a life is determined
character is cornerstone of who u are, exemplified by fruit u bear
conduct is how u behave, what u do, build and tear
contribution is what u give, how u care
conversation – what u say could soothe or open wounds bare
converts – are u planting seeds, a difference make, dare to spare?

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One Response to “mind your p’s & c’s”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Loved this poem. I received a special edition!
    It was printed on a picture of a forest scene. Felt like I was walking through the corporate jungle!