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Nov '06


when i see a new vocab
what do i see
fresh color on my canvas to dab
poetry…poeltry in motion


the other night at pasta pomodoro in santana row
chickentarian phrase served to my palette-palate with a bow
so now the paintbrush went to work
first google and wiki it for juice to invoke

to my surprise many chickentarians roost
their palate, only chicken and vegetables boost
wiki flavors it as pollo-vegetarianism
adjouter fish to it, voila pesce-pollorianism
or less sophisticated chickifishitarian to become
fowl matter to succumb

what happens when turkey, duck and chicken mix
et voila, “turducken” machen or “chucky” fix
by the way, why dark meat is more succulent?
thanks to myoglobin in leg muscles and fat globule accent

poultry in motion, walking side by side
her lovely locomotion
keeps my eyes open wide for pen to slide
poeltry in motion, see her gentle sway
on a wave out on the ocean
that’s how pen moves to play

i love every movement and there’s nothing i would change
she doesn’t need improvement, she’s much too nice to re-arrange

poles and trees in motion, dancin’ close to me
a flower of devotion
for all the world to see
poetry in motion, all that i adore
no number 9 love potion
could make me gobble-gobble more

a happy thanksgiving to crow,crow,crow,crow
a feast to throw, throw,throw,throw
a squawk mission to grow, row and bestow
a stitch on the side to sew,sew,sew,sew
love to all out there to blow,blow,blow,blow

blow, blow thou winter wind
love blind, thou art so kind to bind

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One Response to “poeltry-in-motion”

  1. Emily Says:

    Again a wonderful poem. Glad C could contribute a word for you to research. I’ve finally written a poem on my site:D Not as eloquent as yours, but still a poem:)