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Sep '08


yesterday’s date
is intertwined with golden gate
symbolizing cantata of “simple twists of fate
upon connecting stories of late
dicey spicy debate
dots that mate and relate
an entry now to create

wee hour of 6:00am to trot
dropped off saliwee and bro at sf airport
hmm, since we need to further on to napa
for a morning date with yamanaka
why not stop for sunrise
over golden gate bridge to apprise

diamonds and rust lyrics to mesmerize
get lost in the fog clouds as they lumber and arise

the real “golden gate” is the strait that the bridge spans
captured this morning by taipan’s lens

it was first named “chrysopylae,”
meaning “golden gate”,  greek at play
by lieutenant john fremont in 1846 noted on vista point display
symbolic of me setting sail into a golden life-phase bay

a delightful lunch at julia’s kitchen in copia
interspersed with yummy life stories, o mamma mia
makes one appreciative of life spent thus far
powered by heavenly star
healing life choices made without much scar
fulfilling dreams via doors closed and opened ajar

He brought my heart
to san francisco
high on a hill, it calls to me
to be where little cable cars
climb halfway to the stars!
the morning fog may chill the air
i don’t care!

my love waits there
in san francisco
above the blue and windy sea
when i come home to you, san francisco,
your golden sun will shine for me!

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