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Dec '06

gloria in excelsis Deo

so this is Christ’s mass
and what have u done
another year over
flip the hourglass
and a new one just begun

’tis date set aside to celebrate hope
for a rope binding our Source and us to grope
for some, things come to focus to mope
for others, head to aruba to elope
for some, escape to a world of chosen dope
for others, consume and ski down debt slope
for some, ’tis time to deck out in fancy robe
for others, meditate for peace around the globe

lennon.jpg singing…..

and so this is christmas
for weak and for strong
for rich and the poor ones
the road is so long
and so happy christmas
for black and for white
for yellow and red ones
let’s stop all the fight
seek respite
bask in His light
live and give gloria in excelsis Deo might

to everything – discern, concern, turn
there is a season – burn, learn, churn
and a time for every purpose, under heaven

weihnachten is time for rejoicing
to celebrate life He enriched, a season of giving
a time to plant, a time to reap
a time to laugh, egg nog to sip, waistline to slip
friendships renewed and memories keep
a time to foster shalom deep

and so happy christmas
i hope u have fun
with near and dear ones
whether at home, under tuscany sun or on the run

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