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Oct '08

bean there, dunk that

spotted in the rockies in hinton, alberta
a coffee donut stop’s magna carta
inspired this blog
retro gratitude to unclog
celebration of my life to flog

be emancipated
go west, get educated

be global
act local
be multimedia vocal

a-ok to run counterherd
express voice to be heard
as long it doesn’t hurt
fly free as a bird

know what works when
glow with flow, do the can-can

true to yourself be
don’t be your worst enemy
be genuine
impactful bonds to intertwine

do what u love
with help from above
flex with changing turf
take road less travelled off the curve
give your best unconditionally and surf
graciously receive and serve

experience caviar delight
nature art to sight

don’t be uptight
instead sing and boogey right into the night
pursue worthy cause to fight
turn darkness to light

your best attribute
wear your crest attitude
at the right altitude

we’re born to die
meanwhile live life
till we meet again in the sweet by and by

dedicated to dear neighbor
farewell john, take eternal rest from labor
thanks for the fond memories to savor
life’s indeed a great buffet
pick wisely from array

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